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10 Gal Blichmann BoilerMaker Brew Pot

10 Gal Blichmann BoilerMaker Brew Pot

Item Number 54-1861
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Need accessories? 10 Gal. False Bottom (54-2860) [+$76.99]
Auto sparge (54-3295) [+$69.99]
13/1'' Hole Punched for Auto Sparge?
Cosmetic Defects are backordered until Mid-Late August. Select here to see this discount.
Add the matching boil coil to go electric? help
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Scratch and Dent Available While Supplies Last for LESS--See Options

 *Stainless 3pc ball valve with dip tube

*Adjustable angle BrewMometer

*Glass level gauge with stainless guard & laser etched graduations



*Stepped bottom for optional false bottom (will not work with HopBlocker)

* Optional Boil Coil lets you go electric with your brew pot.  Simple installation requires drilling only two small 5/8" holes with our handy drill template.  (Optional fee for pre-drilled holes coming soon!!!)

When ordering the Auto Sparge you will need a 13/16" hole in your pot to install it correctly.
The Auto Sparge installation:
To install yourself, you'll need to punch/drill a 13/16 hole in your pot. A 7/8" hole will work, but it's a little on the big side. We recommend using a step drill or a Greenlee knock-out punch. A great source for these is . The step drill is part number 8841A24 (89315A42 for TiN coating) or a punch 3449A999 - requires a 3/8" pilot hole. This particular punch (Greenlee model 730BB) is special order with a 3 day lead time. Slug-Buster types are available in their catalog but do not work well in this application. When drilling stainless steel a moderate to slow speed is best to avoid overheating the tool. While hole saws will also work, they are difficult to use in stainless sheet metal.  We're also offering factory punching of the mounting hole in your BoilerMaker™ pot when ordered with a new pot! Simply specify the position you'd like below and we'll punch it for you for a nominal charge. Please look at the set of pictures to select one of the 6 positions available that fits your needs.

20 lbs. 

box measures 17" X 17" X 19"

We've added an option to purchase the cosmetic defect pot for less money.  PLEASE NOTE, WE DON"T KNOW HOW MANY OF THESE BLICHMANN HAS AVAILABLE.  When they run out, we won't be able to offer this cost.  From Doug at Blichmann: "We do have the scratch and dent pots in stock I can't give you any photos because each one may be slightly different. They are all just slight cosmetic defects and will not effect the brewing process at all. They will carry the full warranty just like the standard product."

This item is dropped shipped from our wholesaler. Shipping of this product can take up to 3 weeks.

Q: Greetings, The picture shows what appears to be a thin, flat SS metal plate. But it is not shown in the detail pics. What is this piece? A heat shield perhaps for valve and thermometer? Please let me know. Thanks.
Asked by: - 8/3/2014
A: The flat metal piece is a heat shield.
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Q: is this item actually in stock?
Asked by: - 7/8/2014
A: The 10 gal Blichmann Boilermaker pots drop ship dirrectly from Blichmann and are currently out of stock. Will be available in 3 weeks or so.
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Q: Thinking about getting one of these with the false bottom to do the "no sparge " full volume method as described by Brad Smith. Assuming it's like BIAB, the mash needs to be heated to 160-165 degrees. With what appears to be a very tight false bottom, do you have any experience with how efficient the heat transfer is from under the false bottom to the mash?
Asked by: - 1/31/2014
A: The Blichmann false bottom has a very short stand off, therefore you should have no problem with heat transfer through this false bottom. This pot with a false bottom would be ideal for BIAB or other similar techniques.
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Q: Is there a spigot available for the 10 gals.Blichmann brew pot?
Asked by: - 11/28/2013
A: All of the boilermakers come with a 1/2" SS ballvalve.
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Q: would a wort chiller interfere with the built-in thermometer?
Asked by: - 9/25/2013
A: There will be plenty of space for you to put a wort chiller in the boilermaker and it will not interfere with the thermometer.
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