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10 Gallon Converted Igloo Cooler Mash Tun With False Bottom
10 Gallon Igloo Mash Tun; Color may vary due to availability

10 Gallon Converted Igloo Cooler Mash Tun With False Bottom

Item Number 99-2682
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Converted 10 Gallon igloo cooler mash tun with Stainless Steel false bottom ,stainless tube,and stainless ball valve.  Also included is 3 ft of high temp tubing as well as a 3/8" hose barb.
 The converted igloo makes all grain brewing a breeze.  Color may vary due to availability.

First Time? Check out our cooler mashing instructions or helpful assembly pictures

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Rating Great Product
I'm not sure I can add much beyond what everyone else has said. The cooler worked exactly as advertised and is a great value! I highly recommend for anyone wanting to get into the all grain process. - Reviewed by on 1/21/2015
Rating Works great
I have used the mash tun/cooler once. Easy to use just follow the enclosed instructions. - Reviewed by on 12/6/2014
Rating Best one so far
I have used many cooler conversions and I must say AIH has the best setup to date. - Reviewed by on 12/6/2014
Rating Great way to get into All Grain brewing
This cooler mash tun is a great way to get started in all grain brewing. After comparing similar products I was glad I purchased this mash tun with the hard plumbed false bottom. I brewed my first three all grain batches and the product performed as advertised. Highly recommended and great value. - Reviewed by on 8/28/2014
Rating Great Product
We received this mash tun just as described and brewed our first all grain that weekend. What a great product. It kept the mash temp consistent throughout the mash time, and made sparging a breeze! I would highly recommend this product and this company. Thank you so much! - Reviewed by on 3/13/2014
Rating Just what I needed
Really great mash tun, holds temp beautifully. False bottom is excellent. Glad its hard-plumbed (in case I get crazy with stirring) yet its so easy to disassemble and clean. Perfect for the guy or gal who wants to switch to full batch all-grain but doesn't want to spend the time and effort on a DIY solution. I have absolutely no regrets about purchasing this excellent mash tun, my beer is that much better for it. - Reviewed by on 1/22/2014
Rating Simply Awesome
This mash tun is very efficient, and holds temperature very well. It is easy to clean, and the false bottom is superior to anything I could have made on my own. - Reviewed by on 1/19/2014
Rating Great Service Quality Equipment
Just received my Mash Tun and can't wait to use it. Free Shipment and fast delivery. Will definitely be a repeat customer. - Reviewed by on 12/10/2013
Rating Perfectly Crafted
I received my order of the 10 gallon mash tun and my goodness is that thing sweet! I will just let you know I can''t wait to mash hundreds upon hundreds of brews in it. Everything is perfectly crafted and I just can''t get over how awesome it is. - Reviewed by on 10/9/2013
Rating Works Like a Charm
The Mash Tun has gotten me to full all-grain brewing now and works like a charm. I have brewed 2 (very clear) batches of an Irish Red just in time for St. Patrick''s Day. Thanks again, Adventures in Homebrewing is one of my favorite sites to order brewing equipment from. - Reviewed by on 3/9/2013
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Q: What are your thougts on using your cooler mash tuns in a RIMS setup with and a chugger or march pump? The tun comes with a 3/8 barb and has 1/2 OD pipe inside but the pump intakes are 3/4… so will I run into suction issues trying to do this? Any other thoughts or suggestions?
Asked by: - 1/4/2015
A: We do not recommend using a pump with a cooler mash set up. This false bottom assembly is not designed for this purpose, and you will run into suction issues. These mash tuns are made for gravity systems.
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Q: I'm planning on going to Partial Mash now and possibly AG down the road. Is the 10 gallon Cooler Mash Tun too large for 2 pound Partial Mash batches?
Asked by: - 9/9/2014
A: We wouldn't recommend mashing less than a full batch in the mash tun. In my opinion if your going to do a partial mash with 2lbs of grain I would just used a sock in your brew kettle.
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Q: Do you have any sparging system to attach to the cooler?
Asked by: - 2/16/2014
A: We do offer our own AIH Sparge Assembly which is Item # 73-rlsa01
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Q: Do you recommend removing false bottom and valve for cleaning after every brew session? Would removing the assembly after every brew compromise the integrity of the valve, O ring or false bottom?
Asked by: - 1/11/2014
A: You can remove the false bottom and clean, for the ball valve, just flush it with some water. It should not compromise the cooler.
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Answer provided by:
Q: Do your cooler mash tuns and hlt come with the Igloo plastic valve? Just wondering if they did as if and when I decide to up grade I could use it as a water cooler.
Asked by: - 11/2/2013
A: If you would like this, just add it to your notes and we will gladly add one.
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Q: I am considering your 10 Gallon Igloo Mash Tun. Is it capable of doing a Russian Imperial Stout 5 Gallons finish product with a 24# Grain Bill?
Asked by: - 10/15/2013
A: Yes you can use this mash tun for the Russian Imperial Stout recipe, you will max it out at 24# of grain.
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Q: What do you recommend as the best way to clean your hard plumbed False Bottom? Can it be easily removed for clean-up?
Asked by: - 9/20/2013
A: To remove it, you simply loosen the nut closest to the wall of the cooler. This will allow for the false bottom to be easily removed.
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Q: Is all stainless parts an option for your 10 gal cooler mash tun?
Asked by: - 9/17/2013
A: Not at this time. We have a SS cooler wall option being made and expect to see it in 60-90 days. The elbow will remain lead free brass until we find a better part to use.
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