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2.5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg W/ Metal Handles

2.5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg W/ Metal Handles

Item Number c314-102500
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No Longer Available

New 2.5 Gallon Keg with Metal Handles

These kegs are stackable for storage (fittings off)

All parts for these kegs are compatible with Cornelius styles kegs. Keg is made from 1mm thick No.304 stainless steel. 5 gallon are also available.
Keg Height is 13-7/8'' with or without Disconnects.
Keg Diameter is 9''
Empty Keg Weight is 6.5#
Relief valve, o'rings and poppits are standard ball lock and replaceable
Standard Keg Lid
As with all kegs, you should ensure all post are tight and keg holds pressure before using

We have been asked about the material of the keg- Here is a material report:

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Rating Dodgy welding
I order two of these kegs. While the price and service was great, the construction of the kegs themselves was extremely poor. The welds where the handles attach to the top of the keg have a huge mess of welding on the inside of the keg, full of pits, lumps and crevices which are impossible to clean. The welded seams where the top and bottom of the keg attach to the side, and the join in the middle of the side are also a mess with large derives along the interior of the joins. Perfect for hiding bacteria and other nasties and pretty much impossible to clean properly. Next time I'll pay extra for a different brand. - Reviewed by on 8/31/2014
Rating Leaking Out Post
I ordered two kegs on June 23. One is OK but the out post on the other is leaky. - Reviewed by on 7/26/2014
Rating This is my third one
It fits into any refrigerator. How convenient to have one with club soda or sparkling lemonade, plus two with different kinds of beer. - Reviewed by on 7/24/2014
Rating Nice Shiny Little Kegs
Received the pair of kegs in great condition within a few days. Kegs were nice and shiny and in great shape. Posts were loose but solved quickly with a wrench and some plumbers tape as a precaution. I use for a portable kegerator I built and it does the job wonderfully. - Reviewed by on 7/18/2014
Rating Great little keg
Super deal for a new small ball lock keg. Just make sure to tighten the ball lock valves even though it was shipped pressurized they needed tightening. - Reviewed by on 7/13/2014
Rating Nice size, good price
I find 2.5 gal batches much more manageable when brewing, and it fits my beer consumption rate better. They also take up much less space in my fridge than a traditional corny keg. I've bought two of these and the second leaked from the base of the liquid post due to a damaged dip tube. But AIH quickly sent me a replacement with no hassles, and it's been fine since then. - Reviewed by on 6/19/2014
Rating Love them and the service
I bought 4 of these because the size is perfect and the price is right. But, It was probably 6 months before I opened the boxes to test them. I had some leaking co2 issues. I contacted AIH and they sent me some new poppets, and a new post for one side. I teflon taped the parts that needed it and used keg lube sparingly. I also replaced all the rubber gaskets just because the replacement gaskets are just a tiny bit fatter than the ones that came on the kegs. Might not have needed to, but I wanted no problems. Bingo! No leaks, no problems. And the service, Jason and Carson answered my email very quickly, and sent me the replacement parts for no charge. You just don't get good service like this anymore. Highly recommended. Thanks to AIH. - Reviewed by on 6/17/2014
Rating Great entry-level keg for the small batch brewer
I decided to make the jump into kegging and bought 4 of these kegs when they were on sale. For $60 they are a great deal. I did have to tighten one of the posts on a couple of the kegs, but otherwise they are in good condition. They seem like they would ding up if abused, but should otherwise hold up well. I brew 3-gallon batches, so these are the perfect size for me. They would also be a good choice for traveling, bringing beer to a party, etc. - Reviewed by on 5/23/2014
Rating Great little keg
I was worried about all the reviews of the leaking posts.... Well I must say mine is fine... and performed very well during a street brew last weekend... I filled it from a 5 gallon cornie in my kegerator with a 2 foot jumper at 5 psi.... Then placed it into my old 5 gallon round igloo cooler. Used the $20 CO2 injector and a cobra picnic tap....and we had a perfect portable solo jockey box!!! - Reviewed by on 5/19/2014
Rating Cool keg
I love this little keg. I recommend getting the mini co2 also. It fits in a wheeled cooler, and I take it to parties and picnics. Always a hit. - Reviewed by on 5/16/2014
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Q: I know its been asked but why are you not carrying these anymore? Mine works great and I would like to add another to the set.
Asked by: - 8/27/2014
A: This item has been discontinued. We have found item 310-4300 to be a superior keg.

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Answer provided by:
Q: Hi, do you plan to receive some of those soon? thanks Pat
Asked by: - 7/8/2014
A: We currently do not have any of these on order and do not expect to in the future. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes and have a great day.
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Answer provided by:
Q: What is the lead content of the metal. I did not see lead on the report (Pb)?
Asked by: - 6/21/2014
A: This stainless steel keg does not contain lead.
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Q: Are the poppits replaceable with standard Corny Keg 5 gal poppits?
Asked by: - 4/14/2014
A: The poppits are replaceable with our universal poppits (item Number C314-3613).

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Q: Do you have to do any unnatural acts to convert these to pin lock? thanks!
Asked by: - 2/23/2014
A: You can convert this keg to a pin lock as long as you use cornelius style 19/32-18 size threaded post.
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Q: What is the height of two kegs stacked?
Asked by: - 1/13/2014
A: 26-1/4''
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Q: Will this keg allow me to use it to force carbonate?
Asked by: - 12/13/2013
A: Yes, you can force carbonate in this keg.
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Q: Where is this 2.5 keg made?
Asked by: - 11/28/2013
A: These kegs are made in China.
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Q: What is the pressure rating on these kegs?
Asked by: - 10/29/2013
A: The pressure relief valve will open at 60 psi
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