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2.5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg W/ Metal Handles

2.5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg W/ Metal Handles

Item Number c314-102500
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New 2.5 Gallon Keg with Metal Handles

These kegs are stackable for storage (fittings off)

All parts for these kegs are compatible with Cornelius styles kegs. Keg is made from 1mm thick No.304 stainless steel. 5 gallon are also available.
Keg Height is 13-7/8'' with or without Disconnects.
Keg Diameter is 9''
Empty Keg Weight is 6.5#
Relief valve, o'rings and poppits are standard ball lock and replaceable
Standard Keg Lid
As with all kegs, you should ensure all post are tight and keg holds pressure before using

We have been asked about the material of the keg- Here is a material report:

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Rating Nice keg, nice price
My brewing partner (and son-in-law)and I bought 2 kegging systems using these kegs from AIH. A total of four kegs. I think these are very good kegs. As noted by others, they have a tendency to leak. I'd suggest replacing the o-ring seals on the inlet and outlet tubes, as well as those on the posts, before even testing them. I purchased new O-rings from my local homebrew shop and the rubber from which the O-rings are made is about 0.005" larger in diameter than the original O-rings. From the point of view of sealing, that's quite a bit. I also had the small o-ring on the pressure relief valve dislodge and hold the valve open. We also recently had a leak at the gas post but that turned out to be some foreign matter in the ball lock fitting attached to the gas line. So if you have a leak at one of the posts that you can't locate, pull the ball lock fittings apart and clean them. All of these are annoying and take a bit of time to find, but all are easy and inexpensive to fix. You'll also add to your knowledge base so the next problem to arise will be easier to diagnose and fix. I have a small (10.6 cu ft) upright refrigerator and it'll hold 4 of these 2.5 gallon kegs. I pulled out the refrigerator's glass shelf and replaced it with a plywood one. The CO2 tank and regulators are outside of the refrigerator. These kegs have worked well for us and we plan to purchase four more. - Reviewed by on 4/8/2014
Rating Good Price but leaky
Nice looking kegs. Very good price. I bought 4 based on the price. When I tested I thought was OK until I left CO2 on in for a few hours. Slow leaks, replaced the o-rings and still leaks. Added two seals to the in tube and the out dip tube, seemed to slow but still a slight leak. Seems like maybe the out post. It felt different when loosening it up. I might try Teflon tape on the fitting next. - Reviewed by on 4/6/2014
Rating Leaks Too
Bought one at the end of the year. When the liquid line is attached, it leaks. Will have to replace parts to see if I can fix. - Reviewed by on 3/27/2014
Rating Leaks out of the box
I had problems with the posts leaking around the threads out of the box. I tightened them but could not get them to stop leaking. I had to add a second o-ring to each post. - Reviewed by on 3/27/2014
Rating Leaky
I am having the same difficulty as some of the other customers. The out post is leaky. Very difficult to seal (and of course they are not standard posts so they can't be replaced), and based on other comments seems to be a consistent design problem. - Reviewed by on 3/25/2014
Rating Good Price
Haven't used yet, but got on sale for $69.99. Good price, seems like a good product. - Reviewed by on 2/26/2014
Rating Leaky
I have 2 and they both seem to leak from the base of the stem on the out post... I tried tightening the post (and stopped the problem for now) but I will be rebuilding these kegs. Not sure how they will perform under pressure. - Reviewed by on 2/18/2014
Rating Great Alternative
This is a great alternative to the name brand Corny kegs which are about twice the price. Also, I tend to do smaller batches of beer as well as bottling a portion of the batch and the 2.5 gallon is large enough to supply fresh beer but small enough that I don't have feel like I need to finish it soon. - Reviewed by on 2/6/2014
Rating Perfect size for travel
Great size for taking on a trip - picnic, fishing, you name it. And the handles are easy to grab. - Reviewed by on 2/6/2014
Rating Great Keg
It's a great keg, love it because I brew 3 gallon batches and it allows me to keep different styles on tap more often. Great product AIH. - Reviewed by on 2/2/2014
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Q: Are the poppits replaceable with standard Corny Keg 5 gal poppits?
Asked by: - 4/14/2014
A: The poppits are replaceable with our universal poppits (item Number C314-3613).

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Q: Do you have to do any unnatural acts to convert these to pin lock? thanks!
Asked by: - 2/23/2014
A: You can convert this keg to a pin lock as long as you use cornelius style 19/32-18 size threaded post.
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Q: What is the height of two kegs stacked?
Asked by: - 1/13/2014
A: 26-1/4''
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Q: Will this keg allow me to use it to force carbonate?
Asked by: - 12/13/2013
A: Yes, you can force carbonate in this keg.
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Q: Where is this 2.5 keg made?
Asked by: - 11/28/2013
A: These kegs are made in China.
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Q: What is the pressure rating on these kegs?
Asked by: - 10/29/2013
A: The pressure relief valve will open at 60 psi
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