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5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg System w/ Picnic Tap, USED Keg (#1)

5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg System w/ Picnic Tap, USED Keg (#1)

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This Homebrew Kegging System Includes:

- TapRite dual gauge regulator

- Used 5 gallon ball lock corny keg

- Gas line assembly with 5' thickwall gas line and MFL fitting

- Manual pressure relief valve

- Picnic tap assembly with 4' of thickwall beer line and MFL fitting

- Set of O-rings for each keg

This is the bare bones kit. You can add any of the options to augment your kegging system.

The gauge guard is a great way to protect your regulator and highly recommended here at AIH, please consider that option!

Our CO2 tanks speak for themselves. If you can rent one locally, go for it. If not...we have some darn good prices!

Full Set of instructions is now available online to save paper:
Homebrew Kegging System Ball Lock(PDF)

We know some homebrewers are more picky than others, so please keep in mind that these are USED kegs. Some of these kegs are probably 30 years old. Do not expect new kegs. If you are looking for new kegs, please check out our new kegs. We try and have quality kegs available at all times. With this said, they are going to show normal wear and tear. We are not implying that our kegs are not quality...we just want to avoid any misunderstandings.

If you are unhappy with your used 5 Gallon Cornelius Kegs for any reason, we will gladly take them back. The purchaser will be responsible for return shipping charges.

Rating Great system for the money!
No problems with this system. Washed keg and changed o-rings. Works great! - Reviewed by on 8/5/2014
Rating Quite the Deal
I was extremely excited/pleased when I received my ball lock keg, hoses, connections, regulator, along with the 5# aluminum CO2 tank. This kegging system package is quite the deal! I had searched for 3 months for a kegging system and found this one to be the best bang for my buck. The keg was by no means new but with a little elbow grease and an O-Ring set it now shines like a pearl. The keg even came with a new lid. All in all I am very pleased with my purchase, Adventures in Homebrewing service, and am eager to enjoy some delicious beverages from my new system. - Reviewed by on 8/21/2012
Rating Works Well
Thank you so much for the homebrew keg system. My first beer to put in the keg was a Brown Ale. It has been a huge success and will be gone very soon. All of the system worked quite well and I will recommend you guys to folks around here. Thanks again for the help! - Reviewed by on 2/14/2009
Rating Never Go Back to Bottles
I purchased this keg system package with the 10# tank back and have absolutely loved it. I will never go back to bottles again. Thanks guys. - Reviewed by on 12/16/2008
Rating Easy to Use
Throw away your bottles! I just got my kegging kit and I''ll never go back to bottling again. No more waiting six weeks to sample your brew. No more boxes of empties all over the garage. This kit is easy to use and works great. - Reviewed by on 8/26/2006

Q: How long is the dispensing hose?
Asked by: - 5/17/2014
A: The picnic tap assembly comes with 4 feet of hose.
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Answer provided by:
Q: Are the CO2 tanks that come with this kit within the date of certification?
Asked by: - 2/2/2014
A: All of the co2 tanks that we sell are well within the date of certification. These tanks are re-certified just before we receive them, and they typically reach the customer within a few months of certification.
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Answer provided by:
Q: What are the benefits of the Tap-Rite dual gauge regulator? When I decide to add another keg will I need to replace this regulator?
Asked by: - 12/26/2013
A: The Taprite brand is an American Made regulator. i think you will find it is the best in it's class. you will not need to purchase a new regulator as you add kegs.
Was this answer helpful? 3 of 3 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:
A: The Taprite regulators are solid products. You can add one or more kegs to your system without changing the regulator, simply split the gas line to multiple kegs with a T, a cross (+) or a manifold.
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Q: Are these ball lock kegs the taller Pepsi ones, or converted pin lock kegs?
Asked by: - 10/27/2013
A: At the current time, they are the taller Pepsi" kegs
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Answer provided by:
Q: Hello, I saw that some of the kegs don't have a Pressure Relief Valve. Does this one have one in this system?
Asked by: - 9/24/2013
A: All of the ball lock kegs we sell in a kit come with a Pressure Relief Valve.
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