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5 Gallon Economy Pin Lock Keg System, USED Keg (E)

5 Gallon Economy Pin Lock Keg System, USED Keg (E)

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Economy Pin Lock Kegging System

We are proud to offer a new economy version Ball Lock kegging system. If you have been reluctant to start kegging, at this price you no longer have an excuse! Comes with an American Made Taprite single gauge regulator with 5/16" barbed shut off/check valve. Both the gas and beer lines will come complete with MFL fittings that will make for easy cleaning and also allow you to add other options to your system.

This Homebrew Kegging System Includes:

- Tap-Rite Single Gauge Regulator

- Used 5 Gallon Pin Lock Corny Keg

- 5' Gas Line Assembly with MFL Fitting

- Picnic Tap and 4' of Dispensing Hose with MFL Fitting

(As of 2-17-2014 we are throwing in a set of O-rings for each keg with every purchase of this kegging system.)

This is the bare bones kit. You can add any of the options to augment your kegging system.

The gauge guard is a great way to protect your regulator and highly recommended here at AIH, please see our options!

Our CO2 tanks speak for themselves. If you can rent one locally, go for it. If not...we have some darn good prices!

Full Set of instructions is now available online to save paper:
Homebrew Kegging System Ball Lock (PDF)

We know some homebrewers are more picky than others, so please keep in mind that these are USED kegs. Some of these kegs are probably 30 years old. Do not expect new kegs. If you are looking for new kegs, please check out our new kegs. We try and have quality kegs available at all times. With this said, they are going to show normal wear and tear. We try not to purchase from Pepsi or Coke to avoid heavily used kegs. We are not implying that our kegs are not quality...we just want to avoid any misunderstandings.

If you are unhappy with your used 5 Gallon Cornelius Kegs for any reason, we will gladly take them back. The purchaser will be responsible for return shipping charges.

Rating Nice keg!
Nice keg, great price! - Reviewed by on 1/3/2015
Rating Solid system
Just what I needed to get my homebrew kegged. Used Keg was in decent shape after a thorough cleaning. All other parts were good to go. - Reviewed by on 12/3/2014
Rating Great value
This was my first keg setup and I am very pleased with it. The keg was reasonably clean when it arrived, just taking some brushing out and a round of oxi-clean solution pumped through to really shine. The gauge system seems to be dead on the money and very easy to use. I filled it with beer and pressurized to the proper psi for my temperature and had a great beer for my brother's wedding reception. There was no foam, no leaks and lots of happy guests. Buy it. - Reviewed by on 8/11/2014
Rating Economy Pin Lock Keg System
The setup more than exceeded my expectations. The used keg was in very good condition and clean and all associated hardware was new and fully functional. A great setup for the money. - Reviewed by on 5/1/2014

Q: Can this kit be sold without the regulator? What would the price be?
Asked by: - 3/26/2015
A: This kit is sold as a complete kit we cannot modify this kit.
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Answer provided by:
Q: Do I need two gages on this system?
Asked by: - 1/28/2015
A: This system comes with a single gauge regulator, two gauges are not necessary. It has a pressure gauge which will show your current pressure being added to the keg, it will not have the high pressure gauge which shows the tank pressure.
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Q: Approx how tall is one of these kegs? I ordered one but want to make sure it fits in my homemade kegerator.
Asked by: - 4/16/2014
A: These kegs are typically 22-24" tall, depending on brand.
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