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5 Gallon Stainless Steel Brew Pot

5 Gallon Stainless Steel Brew Pot

Item Number 99-2555
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Now Shipping - 5 Gallon 20 Gauge Stainless Steel brew pot with Lid. This is 18/8 stainless steel. Brew pot easily holds 5 Gallons (20 Quarts). Measures approximately 10" tall and 11.5" in diameter.

Perfect for extract batches or a large batch of chili!


Rating OK pot
Nothing against home brewing .org but pot has a rim at bottom and doesn't sit flat on electric stove. Would work fine on gas stove. - Reviewed by on 7/6/2014
Rating Great
All the items are great. I''ve brewed twice using the brew pot, thermometer and siphon hose for racking to secondary or bottling bucket. I will definitely order from you guys again. Thanks. - Reviewed by on 5/16/2014
Rating Great value for price
Bought this as my first boil pot and couldn't be happier. The size was big enough that I didn't have any boil overs with a 3 gallon boil, and the price cannot be beat. - Reviewed by on 4/12/2014
Rating Good partial-grain pot
This is a great pot for partial grain mashing and rest. Can't find anything close for the price. Use the 9 gal for the boil. - Reviewed by on 4/6/2014
Rating Good stockpot; just be careful with it
All in all I'm happy with the two I bought of this model stockpot several months ago. I do find myself handling them very carefully, especially when full, but even when empty, since even casual bumps can dent the lower edge, apparently. The metal is very light gauge and the handles are riveted on, so they're not as secure as they would be welded, and tend to pop or flex slightly with the thin side metal if they're handled without thought. This style handle also allows the contents to leak out through the handle attachment points, the rivet holes, when the pot is filled to the brim. But the pots still perform well and are easy to clean and so I would buy them again, even knowing their limitations, since for the twenty dollars apiece I paid for them they're an excellent buy. - Reviewed by on 3/7/2014
Rating Good value
This pot works perfect for brewing five gallon batches, and it is the best value out there for getting started. - Reviewed by on 2/27/2014
Rating Good pot for the price
Good for the price, works great. - Reviewed by on 2/14/2014
Rating Actual diameter is 12.25" OD
For the money its a good buy, but be aware the diameter listed is wrong, OD is 12.25" - Reviewed by on 2/11/2014
Rating Not a bad starter pot!
Just got this in the mail! It seems to be a perfectly fine pot for a beginner brewer like myself. Seems a little thin, but for $19.99 it is more than worth it. I'll update after I use it. - Reviewed by on 1/23/2014

Q: What gauge is the stainless steel? How much does it weigh?
Asked by: - 4/4/2014
A: This is 20 gauge, and weighs roughly 3.5 lbs.
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Q: Are the handle rivets stainless steel or aluminum?
Asked by: - 2/27/2014
A: The rivets are aluminum.
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Q: Does the pot have measuring marks?
Asked by: - 1/15/2014
A: No it does not.
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Q: This pot is listed as 5 gal with dimensions of 11.5" diameter and 10" height. With those dimensions the pot is only 4.5 gal (5.75"^2 x 3.14 x 10" / 231 in^3/gal). Can you please clarify?
Asked by: - 12/30/2013
A: The pot is actually a 20 Quart pot listed from the manufacturer. Our measurements may be slightly off and the pot may be slightly less than 5 gallons. If you need exactly five gallons, I would likely go with a more expensive option.
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Q: I'm going to brew 5 gallons. Is this one big enough or should I go to the next size pot?
Asked by: - 12/27/2013
A: I would go with a 9 gallon pot for the full five gallon boil.
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Q: Is this kettle induction ready?
Asked by: - 12/2/2013
A: These are not completely flat, so I would not recommend using on an induction cooktop.
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Q: Is this product made in the US?
Asked by: - 9/15/2013
A: I believe these pots are made in India
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