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AIH New 5 Gallon Corny Keg Ball Lock

AIH New 5 Gallon Corny Keg Ball Lock

Item Number 310-4900
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Questions about this item? Ask here. Questions about this item? Ask here. (See 18 Questions)

Our kegs are  ISO 9001 and NSF certified. See images above. 

Brand NEW 5 gallon, ball lock, stainless steel, product tank. With Double Rubber Handles (DRH) and a rubber bottom.

25" tall and 8.5" diameter.

Need a socket to remove the post? You can find it here.

If you are just getting into kegging you will need a kegging setup to go with these kegs. We sell picnic tap systems, tower systems, and kegerator systems

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Brand New Kegs For the Price of Rebuilt? Why haven't you added this to your cart yet? Excellent quality kegs for half the price. - Reviewed by on 5/15/2015
Rating Solid Keg Purchase
I purchased four of these and to be honest, when I need more kegs, these will be what I purchase. After purchasing 8 used cornies that had random troubles requiring replacement of parts, some of which drained entire Co2 tanks, these are a much better deal overall. I've been incredibly pleased with the quality and haven't had a single problem since day one. They are very similar to regular branded kegs and nearly identical in operation. About the only fault I've found is that occasionally it can be difficult to extract the dip tube, but just a wee bit of fussing gets them out. I do recommend cleaning them thoroughly upon receipt, there are a bit of manufacturing oils and such that need to be cleaned out prior to use. But, other than that, I wouldn't think twice about these lower cost, brand new kegs from AIH in the future. - Reviewed by on 5/10/2015
Rating Exactly as expected
Great kegs, shipped FAST ... exceeded expectations with this low price. Order now, who knows how long a new ball-lock keg will stay at that $75 price-point! - Reviewed by on 5/7/2015
Rating Great keg at a great price
Looks and works great. - Reviewed by on 5/6/2015
Rating Great product for a better price
Do you need kegs? Stop reading this and buy these before they're gone! I have no reason to believe they are limited, but $75 for double handled, ball lock kegs are unheard of. The only reason I can't do 5 stars is because one of mine had a decent ding in the side of it (completely cosmetic), but still. On the other hand, these are super shiny, well made, and I have a fully carbed Wit ready to go in one. They hold pressure, look great, are sturdy, and seem as high quality (or better) than much more expensive kegs I've bought. No I don't work for AIH. I just support great products and think you should give kudos where they are deserved. Are you still reading? Why? I almost bought two more just reading this review. - Reviewed by on 5/5/2015
Rating Perfect for the home brewer!
Kegs came in quickly, as pictured, and as promised, and being new at this excellent price makes them a great deal! Will be purchasing more in the near future. - Reviewed by on 5/4/2015
Rating Just as described
This keg came in new condition. - Reviewed by on 5/3/2015
Rating Great Keg
Bought 2 kegs. Both arrived quicker than expected and packaged securely to avoid shipping damage. Kegs are beautiful, cleaned up well and sitting in my keezer full of beer! Will certainly look to buy a few more down the road. - Reviewed by on 4/28/2015
Rating AIH New Corny Keg
Love these things. They look nice and work like a charm. They have a nice big rubber O-ring to seal the top. Great price as well. - Reviewed by on 4/27/2015
Rating One word FLAWLESS
I bought two of these kegs and they are - FLAWLESS! 5 Stars all the way. Welds - perfect! Seals - Perfect! Holds pressure - Perfect! Price, what can you say? Perfect , why buy used. Just clean them up and you're ready to go! - Reviewed by on 4/25/2015
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Q: What is the wrench or socket size for the posts?
Asked by: - 4/18/2015
A: We recommend using an 11/16" deep well socket like item # 418-1116. Thanks for the question.

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Answer provided by:
Q: Just received my new keg. Does it require any special cleaning to remove manufacturing oils, etc.?
Asked by: - 2/5/2015
A: You should clean and sanitize the keg prior to use. We recommend tearing it down and using PBW for cleaning, you should soak the posts and poppets as well. You can use Star San or Iodophor to sanitize prior to filling.
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Answer provided by:
Q: Why are these kegs void of the NSF label? Are the welds bad or construction incorrect?
Asked by: - 1/28/2015
A: They are the exact same kegs, from the same manufacturer. We committed to a few orders of kegs, before they added the nsf stamp.
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Answer provided by:
Q: How heavy is the keg?
Asked by: - 1/16/2015
A: The shipped weight of this keg is 14 pounds.
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Answer provided by:
Q: Are these kegs still missing the NSF stamp or are these ones currently for sale from a more current run?
Asked by: - 1/7/2015
A: The current kegs in stock do not have the NSF stamp, though we will have those kegs available sometime later this year.
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Answer provided by:
Q: Where are the kegs made?
Asked by: - 1/6/2015
A: These kegs are manufactured for us in China.
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Q: Are the lids also made of stainless steel?
Asked by: - 12/30/2014
A: The lids are made of stainless steel as well.
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Answer provided by:
Q: what price for 20 kegs??
Asked by: - 11/5/2014
A: Your price for 20 kegs would be $1799.80 plus shipping. Thanks for your interest!
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Answer provided by:
Q: Straight or curved beer dip tube? SS or plastic gas dip tube?
Asked by: - 10/20/2014
A: The liquid dip tube is curved. Both dip tubes are Stainless Steel.
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Q: Do these kegs have a pressure release valve?
Asked by: - 10/10/2014
A: The kegs have pressure relief valves on the lid.
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