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Beer Ingredients

Find all the beer ingredients you need for brewing your next batch of homebrew.
Hop Pellets Hop Pellets
We purchase our pellet hops once a year and keep them in our freezer to guarantee fresh, quality hops for you.
Dry Malt Extract Dry Malt Extract
Choose from plain extra light, light, wheat, golden, bavarian, amber and dark dry malt extract.
Whole Leaf Hops Whole Leaf Hops
We purchase our whole leaf hops once a year and keep them in our freezer to guarantee fresh, quality hops for you.
Liquid Malt Extract Liquid Malt Extract
Choose from plain light, wheat, golden, pilsen, munich, rye, bavarian, amber, porter and dark liquid malt extract along with white sorghum.
Wyeast Brewing Yeast Wyeast Brewing Yeast
Choose from ale, lager, wheat, American, British, German, Belgian and Lambic Wyeast liquid homebrew yeast.
Grains by the Pound Grains by the Pound
For grains sold by the pound, you can also enter tenths of pound amounts to purchase. Please specify at checkout if you would like your grains cracked.
White Labs Yeast White Labs Yeast
White Labs is a world leader in fermentation sciences for the beer brewing industry. They manufacture liquid yeast for pro and amateur beer brewers.
Grains by the Bag Grains by the Bag
50 and 55 pound bags are available for many types of grains offered here at Adventures in Homebrewing.
Dry Beer Yeast Dry Beer Yeast
A minimum of 10 grams of dry homebrew yeast should be used. Dry beer yeast can be pitched directly from the packet although hydration in water will improve results.
Sugars for Brewing Sugars for Brewing
Find priming sugar, maltodextrin, lactose, Belgian candi syrup, rice solids, sorghum and other beer brewing sugars.
Yeast Nutrients Yeast Nutrients
Choose from various yeast nutrients and yeast energizers.
Honey for Brewing Honey for Brewing
Wildflower, buckwheat and orange blossom honey for brewing beer or mead.
Beer Finings Beer Finings
Choose from many types of beer finings including Irish moss, gelatin finings, Clarity Ferm and Super-Kleer.
Beer Spices Beer Spices
Choose from a large variety of beer brewing spices.
Brewing Salts and Treatments Brewing Salts and Treatments
Many types of beer brewing salts and treatments are available.
Beer Oak Chips Beer Oak Chips
Oak chips and cubes for aging beer. French, American & Hungarian.
Vintners Harvest Fruit Base Vintners Harvest Fruit Base
Choose from 18 varieties of Vintners Harvest Fruit Base.
Cocoa Nibs Cocoa Nibs
Roasted cocoa nibs for adding a chocolate flavor to beer.
Lorann Flavoring Oils Lorann Flavoring Oils
Boost beer flavor and aroma. Over 40 flavors available.
Hop Rhizomes Hop Rhizomes
Our 2015 Hop Rhizome sale has ended. Free Hop Growing Manual.
Beer Flavoring Beer Flavoring
Various beer flavorings are in stock in a variety of styles.