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Brewers Best Hop Nog 2014 Germerican IPA

Brewers Best Hop Nog 2014 Germerican IPA

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Hop Nog  2014 Germerican IPA
The first documented hop cultivation was in 736, in the Hallertau region of present-day Germany. In celebration of this we’re bringing two worlds together with this year’s HopNog®. Using two of the newest additions to the German hop family, Mandarina Bavaria and Hull Melon, which impart citrus and honeydew tones, we’re creating an American style IPA with a German twist. This Germerican IPA has a medium malty sweetness courtesy of American liquid malt extract and German specialty grains that is well balanced by generous additions of these unique German hops, for an IPA flavor profile unlike any you’ve ever experienced. Here’s to the best of both worlds, cheers!

  • IBUs: 42 - 46 
  • ABV: 5.0% - 5.5% 
  • Difficulty: Easy

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