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Brewing Equipment

Adventures in Homebrewing has all of your beer brewing equipment needs including equipment kits, brew pots, burners, fermenters, sanitizers, tubing, siphons, bottles, fillers, cappers, bottle caps, thermometers, chillers and brewing equipment hardware. Wine makers check out our selection of wine-specific equipment.
Beer Brewing Equipment Kits Beer Brewing Equipment Kits
These beer equipment kits are the easiest way to start brewing. With everything you need to get started and a full set of helpful instructions - you can't go wrong!
Siphon Hose Tubing Siphon Hose Tubing
Find various diameters of siphon hose tubing for transferring beer or wine. Choose any length of siphon hose for your brewing needs.
Propane Burners & Stands Propane Burners & Stands
Cut your brewing time in half with one of these great propane burners. While you are at it, invest in a wort chiller, turn 8 hours into 3 with these two great additions!
Racking Canes & Auto-Siphons Racking Canes & Auto-Siphons
Find plastic and stainless steel racking canes, racking tube accessories, along with auto-siphons and siphon accessories.
Brew Pots Brew Pots
The brew pot that you purchase may be the most important brewing investment you make. Adventures in Homebrewing offers several choices for your brewing needs!
Stir Plates & Erlenmeyer Flasks Stir Plates & Erlenmeyer Flasks
Stir plates, erlenmeyer flasks and stir bars.
Wort Chillers Wort Chillers
Find copper coil wort chillers, heat exchanger wort chillers, Therminator wort chillers, plus Thrumometers for checking temperature while using a wort chiller.
Hop Filter Screens & Infusers Hop Filter Screens & Infusers
Find hop screens and infusers for adding hops, fruit or spices to your homebrew.
Glass Carboys Glass Carboys
Find 3, 5, 6 and 6.5 gallon glass carboys along with a carboy hauler, carboy handle, fermenter heating pad and airlocks.
Brewing Paddles & Spoons Brewing Paddles & Spoons
Find stainless steel, plastic, and wooden brewing paddles in various sizes along with stainless steel and plastic beer brewing spoons.
Better Bottle Carboys Better Bottle Carboys
Better Bottle carboys are made of a special PET that is odorless, has negligible oxygen permeability, and does not stain or carry over flavors from the previous fermentation.
Brewing Thermometers Brewing Thermometers
Find brew pot thermometers and digital thermostats for accurate temperature measurement and control.
Plastic Fermenter Buckets Plastic Fermenter Buckets
Find 6.5 and 7.9 gallon fermenting buckets and lids along with airlocks and a heat pad.
Hydrometers & Test Jars Hydrometers & Test Jars
Hydrometers, test jars and graduated cylinders.
Rubber Stopper Bungs Rubber Stopper Bungs
Find rubber bungs with drilled holes or solid. Various sizes available. Use a rubber stopper with your carboy, fermenter, growler and more.
Beer Funnels and Brushes Beer Funnels and Brushes
Find an assortment of brewing funnels and beer brewing brushes.
Beer Sanitizers & Line Cleaners Beer Sanitizers & Line Cleaners
Find an assortment of homebrew sanitizers and beer line cleaners along with a spray washer for kegs and carboys.
Brew in a Bag Equipment Brew in a Bag Equipment
Brew bags for BIAB brewing along with the BIABasKit.
Testing Equipment & Chemicals Testing Equipment & Chemicals
Beer and wine test equipment and chemicals.
Oak Barrels Oak Barrels
Find 5, 3, 2 and 1 liter oak barrels each with black bands, stand, bung & spigot. Also available on occasion: Used 5 gallon whiskey barrels.
Scratch and Dent Scratch and Dent
Scratch and dent brew pots and more on sale.
Digital Scales Digital Scales
Choose from a variety of digital scales.