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Cereal Killer Grain Mill
Some Assembly may be required

Cereal Killer Grain Mill

Item Number 99-4011
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The New Improved Cereal Killer
Grain Mill

Adjustable 2 roller grain mill with a 7lb hopper and wood base

  • To adjust, simply loosen two screws, adjust gap, tighten two screws.  
  • Attach a drill easily:     Remove the handle with one screw and attach drill, no adapter needed
  • Hardened steel roller size is 5" long and 1.25" diameter.
  • The crank shaft has a 3/8" diameter
  • It is suggested to run @ 300 RPM if motorized
  • Body is anodized aluminum for a lifetime worth of use
  • Rollers will adjust up to .100"
  • NOT designed for cracking/milling corn or soybeans!

1 Year Warranty on Mill.
  • Rollers Now Have Ball Bearing Design
  • Marked Adjustable Roller for Easy Adjustment
  • New improved handle- Now included with every mill

Ships with base flipped upside down to protect the pegs and the drive shaft
Unscrew base, flip base, and re-secure base with screws before use

WARNING: Hold mill and drill while in use

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Rating Very satisfied thus far
Just used the mill for the first time this past weekend. Worked great. Hooked up a beefy corded 1/2 dewalt drill and torqued through the grain at a moderate speed. Gave a nice consistent crush right out of the box with no adjustment. I brew ten gallon batches and the mill had no issues cranking through the approx 25lbs of grain for my brew day. I even hit my goal 1070 OG spot on! (Around 75 - 80% efficiency). We'll see how the mill holds up, but so far very happy with purchase. - Reviewed by on 9/16/2014
Rating Great mill for the money
I researched for awhile and finally pulled the trigger. Glad I did. Great price. Free shipping. - Reviewed by on 8/25/2014
Rating Needs a faceted shank
My issue with this crusher is the driveshaft. It is round and smooth and the drill chuck would not hold until I scuffed it up to get some friction going. Needs a faceted shank. - Reviewed by on 8/22/2014
Rating Excellent Mill
I was skeptical of this product at first due to the very low price but once I got to put it to the test, I was more than just a little impressed. Both rollers move very smoothly without binding. The crush was as good or better than what I get at my local homebrew shop and my brewhouse efficiency increased as well. Excellent product! - Reviewed by on 8/17/2014
Rating The Cereal Killer kills it!
I have used competitive products that sell for about $50 more and I am extremely happy with my purchase. With drill attached I milled 8# of grain in about 40 seconds and my mash efficiency was 80%. Very happy with this mill! - Reviewed by on 8/15/2014
Rating Works as described
Used twice without issue. With preset gap dimensions, I haven't seen an improvement to my extract efficiency of 65%, but then again I'm not too concerned with that. I enjoy the extra step during a brew day, and feel that the freshness of recently crushed grain is a big plus. - Reviewed by on 7/17/2014
Rating Excellent Product
Very happy with this purchase. Took all of a few minutes to set up and was ready to go. Slapped it on a five gallon bucket, hooked up my drill and went to work. - Reviewed by on 7/16/2014
Rating What a great product
This grain mill is an excellent product. The slave roller adjusts on both ends, making for a very consistent crush. My efficiency went up 10 points since purchasing this mill. The ROI will be very short on this product. Thanks again AIH! - Reviewed by on 7/14/2014
Rating Worth the investment
I've only used this once but so far it has done the job. A grain mill isn't a sexy investment but it's one I think all grain brewers should eventually take in their process to step up to making better beer. - Reviewed by on 7/13/2014
Rating Buy with confidence
Very nice mill. Exceptional at any price, let alone the fact, this is very reasonably priced. High quality supurb function. I researched quite a bit before purchasing. I was very leery about the quality of this product at such a value price. I have used mills costing 3 times as much but prefer the quality and function of this one!!!! Very satisfied. - Reviewed by on 7/9/2014
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Q: My intended use is rolled oats for oat meal. Am I on the right choice?
Asked by: - 9/5/2014
A: This mill will not roll oats or grains it will only crack barley, rye or wheat for brewing.
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Answer provided by:
Q: This is not really related to brewing, but can this grain mill be used to roll oats?
Asked by: - 7/30/2014
A: This grain cannot be used to roll oats.
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Answer provided by:
Q: What material are the rollers made of?
Asked by: - 4/28/2014
A: The rollers are made of Hardened steel roller size is 5" long and 1.25" diameter.
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Answer provided by:
Q: what would you set it on for biab? the same? or do you set it finer?
Asked by: - 4/23/2014
A: The Cereal Killer mill comes preset for the correct crush. The wood it comes mounted on must be flipped over to work correctly.
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Answer provided by:
Q: Is the hopper small enough to invert and store upside down inside of a 6.5 gallon bucket?
Asked by: - 4/13/2014
A: The hopper will not fit in a 6.5 gallon bucket when inverted.
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Answer provided by:
Q: Does this mill come with the hopper shown or is it sold separately?
Asked by: - 4/5/2014
A: The mill comes with the hopper and everything pictured.
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Answer provided by:
Q: Are both ends of the adjustable roll move or does it only adjust on one end?
Asked by: - 3/30/2014
A: Both ends of the roller adjust together when you adjust the gap distance on the mill.
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Answer provided by:
Q: It says that it is not recommended for cracking corn, but does it work on corn already cracked ?
Asked by: - 2/22/2014
A: We do not recommend using the mill on any corn products.
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Answer provided by:
Q: I have your 7.9 plastic fermenting buckets. Will the base of this mill comfortably fit the rim diameter of these buckets?
Asked by: - 2/18/2014
A: The grain mill does not fit securely on a 7.9 gallon bucket for us to recommend it as a good alternative to a 5 gallon or 6.5 gallon bucket.
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Answer provided by:
Q: Do you know what the factory default gap is set at? Is this the preferred gap for a good crush? It appears to be the thickness of a credit card.
Asked by: - 12/28/2013
A: We set these at .038 for the gap. This is what we recommend for your crush.
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Answer provided by:
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