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FastFerment Sampling Port

FastFerment Sampling Port

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FastFerment Sampling Port

This sampling port includes its own drill bit to install the port as well as instructions on how to install.
5 Stars
Easy to install and use
This was extremely easy to install and use and has very precise instructions. This makes it a lot easier to drill into your expensive fermenter with confidence. Note that if installed per instructions at the 1L mark on the fermenter, the port will be at an angle. This has no practical effect and samples still flow perfectly, but some people may not like the aesthetics and want to install it higher. The tradeoff is that you won't be able to sample from any amount of wort that doesn't come up to where you install it. Regardless, it does exactly what it claims to and is very well documented for installation. Also, you get a step drill bit with it which is like $7 on Amazon and will be useful for lots of other stuff, so even if this seems a bit expensive, when you consider the value of the drill bit, it isn't.
Reviewed by:  on 1/31/2016

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