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Hard Cider Kits

Just Add Cider! Hard cider making kits include all necessary chemicals and adjuncts for 5 gallons of hard cider. Cider equipment kit also available.

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Cider House Select Flavor Enhancers Ginger Jammer
Cider House Select Flavor Enhancers Oaky D'Okay
Hard Cider Making kit
Supreme Apple Cider Mother of Vinegar - 8 oz.
Cider House Select Cider Yeast Sachet
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Safcider Dry Cider Yeast  5g
500 g Fermentis SafCider Yeast
Mangrove Jack's Cider M02 Dried Yeast
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White Labs English Cider Liquid Yeast
Wyeast 4766 Cider Yeast
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Cider Crown Caps
Cider Crown Caps
144 per Pack
Vichy Bottle - 500 mL (Case of 12)
$18.99  $15.00
Cider Making (Proulx/Nichols)
Apples to Cider
The New Cider Maker's Handbook