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Hard Cider Making kit

Hard Cider Making kit

Item Number 99-2025
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"Just Add Cider!"
Kit includes all necessary chemicals and adjuncts for 5 gallons of hard cider. Use the same equipment available in our Starter Homebrew Kits. Just provide your own unpasteurized apple cider!
Be sure to add a yeast!

Q: Why does the cider have to be unpasterized. It is hard to find un pasteurized, will pasteurized cider produce the same product?
Asked by: - 5/25/2014
A: Unpasteurized juice works best because there is nothing in to inhibit yeast production within the solution. Chemicals they use in pasteurized juices such as phosphates will not allow yeast to do their work of breaking down sugars into Alcohol and CO2. However, you can use pasteurized juices that were pasteurized using UV light, heat or vitamin C. I hope that was helpfull.
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Q: Does this kit come with instructions on the brewing process?
Asked by: - 2/28/2014
A: The kit comes with a full set of instructions.
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Q: I just made 5 gallons of fresh cider. I purchased the starter home brew kit. Do I start the fermentation process in the white plastic jug with the spigot and then transfer it to the carboy after the first fermentation? If so, Is the spigot high enough to be above the residual sediment to avoid the need to siphon?? Thanks
Asked by: - 10/6/2013
A: You should start the fermentation in the bucket without the spigot, and then transfer to the carboy after you've reached the final gravity (fermentation is done). The bucket with the spigot is only used for bottling.
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Q: I was wondering what exactly comes in this kit as far as "chemicals and adjuncts"? This is my first time making hard cider and I was just curious since there is no exact list of what is included in this pack. Thank you
Asked by: - 10/5/2013
A: The kit contains potassium metabisulfite, acid blend, pectic enzyme, wine tannin and potassium sorbate.
Metabisulfite is used to kill wild yeast and bacteria before fermentation. Pectic enzyme will make your hard cider clear. Acid blend and wine tannin are added for taste, and the sorbate is used to stabilize the hard cider after fermentation. If you want to carbonate the cider, do not add the sorbate. If you want to sweeten the cider, add the sorbate and then sweeten (but you will not be able to carbonate it).
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