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Keg Faucet Adaptor Assembly

Keg Faucet Adaptor Assembly

Item Number 99-0017
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Change some components Pin Lock MFL Liquid Disconnect (60-1707)
Need a Faucet Shank Wrench?
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Use this keg faucet adaptor assembly to make your keg more portable (or just to get away from that picnic tap).
Includes Ball Lock Disconnect, Faucet adaptor, coupling nut, Chrome plated faucet and black faucet knob. Please check box for Ball or Pin Lock disconnect.  If you don't already own a faucet wrench, you'll want to add one on as well.

Is not compatible with Forward Seal Faucets.

Rating Works well
Used this faucet for a party and it worked out nicely and it is very sturdy. It's a good Quality Faucet and disassembles easily if you have a faucet wrench for cleaning. - Reviewed by on 7/13/2014
Rating Very Pleased
I was very pleased with the faucet adapter I purchased from your company and also pleased with the transaction. I used the faucet adapter to dispense home-made root beer at our latest Boy Scout award ceremony and the Scouts loved using it to pour their own root beer. - Reviewed by on 6/20/2013