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Liquor Quik Alcobase 23% Turbo Yeast

Liquor Quik Alcobase 23% Turbo Yeast

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LIQUOR QUIK ALCOBASE EXTREME 23% HIGHEST ALCOHOL TURBO YEAST YIELD ON THE MARKET New Alcobase Extreme 23% turbo yeast with Liquid Carbon Technology. Now, break down the 20% alcohol barrier with the new Alcobase 23% turbo yeast! This will take your distiller to new heights. The new Alcobase 23% Turbo Yeast is based on a completely new class of recipes containing activated carbon present during fermentation. Together with new yeast strains and a different kind of trace minerals, we are now able to make more alcohol from a fermentation than ever before. Comes with * 1 bag of 23% Turbo Yeast * 1 bag of liquid carbon * 1 bag of anti-foaming agent * 1 bag of Super-Kleer 2-stage clearing agent Instructions to make 25 L (6.5 USG) of 23% ABV 1. Pour 18 L (4.7 gallons) of warm water (40C/104F) into your fermenter. Gently dissolve 10.5 kg (23 lbs) of corn sugar (dextrose) into the fermenter. Mix well until sugar is completely dissolved. 2. Add the contents of the turbo yeast and liquid carbon packages and stir for one minute. NOTE: Shake the carbon sachet well before opening to eliminate possible clumping. Loosely cover the fermenter. 3. After 3 hours gently stir in the anti-foam agent. This will prevent excess foaming when fermentation begins. Leave to ferment at room temperature between 18-24C (65-75F) for 7-8 days until fermentation ceases. NOTE: If ambient room temperature is above 24C (75F) the fermentation may prematurely cease. Complete fermentation times are temperature dependent. 4. After fermentation is complete, move to a cooler location 15-20C (59-68F) and clear with the enclosed SuperKleer K.C. finings before flavoring or distilling. Detailed instructions on the bag. INGREDIENTS: Distiller's Yeast, Yeast Nutrients, Water, Activated Carbons, Bentonites, Anti-Foam Agent.

Rating Fantastic Product
The Liquor Quik is a fantastic product, well worth the money and time. Thanks for your help! - Reviewed by on 4/9/2012

Q: So the final % in the 23 extreme should be 23? I have made 2 kits,follow instructions to the letter and only get 18? Any help would be appreciated.
Asked by: - 1/7/2015
A: You would need to have enough available sugar to reach that potential ABV, as 23% would be the maximum it could reach. You may have only had enough sugar to reach that 18%, you may need to up your recipe. The yeast cannot create alcohol if the sugar is not available. Also, make sure you have your fermenter off of a cold floor and in a 70-80F fermentation room. Warmer temps will make this yeast go vigorously. If it stalls out, try rousting the yeast by rocking the fermenter against your leg.
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Q: I obtained Liquor Quik Alcobase 23% Turbo Yeast a while back and did not use the kit. All parts are sill in original packing's. Is the yeast still active after 2 years? Thank you
Asked by: - 10/27/2014
A: Typically dry yeast has a one year shelf life, but the yeast is likely still viable. Be sure to have another fresh package on hand to pitch if your old yeast doesn't take off.
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Q: 1st time brewing "liquor quik" How do you know when fermentation is totally complete? Is there a specific gravity reading? Or can you tell by looking at it? Thanks...
Asked by: - 10/7/2013
A: The specific gravity when it is finished should be right around 1.000 sometimes it will be a little bit lower. Another sign is the airlock will almost completely stop bubbling.
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