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Loose Handle/Bottom 5 gallon Pin Lock keg w/Lid

Loose Handle/Bottom 5 gallon Pin Lock keg w/Lid

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5 Gallon Pin Lock Corny Keg With Loose Handle/Bottom and Lid

Pressure tested 5 gallon, stainless steel, Cornelius style tank. These PIN LOCK tanks are guaranteed to hold pressure. Tanks may have some syrup residue as they have only been dumped out.

22-24" Tall
9" Wide
Pressure Tested
Heavy Duty SS Kegs
2 and 3 Prong Posts to Avoid Mistakes

Keg has been pressure tested and comes with a lid . Can still be used for kegging beer, who cares what it looks like it's in your fridge. Great to use for line cleaning, simply fill with your favorite sanitizer/cleaner and hook up to your co2 and connect your beer lines to push sanitizer/cleaner through your lines. Great for using as a sanitizing bucket, taller than a regular bucket. Kegs have loose handles,  or a partially loose bottom in some cases both top and bottom are loose.

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Rating Best keg deal around
These kegs are dirty and scuffed up and they have stinky soda residue in them, and they rock as homebrew kegs once you give them and their components a good scrubbing. - Reviewed by on 5/2/2015
Rating They're great!!!
Just received my kegs, and they are better than I expected. Handles and bottoms are all firmly attached, and apart from the usual scratches and dirt they are perfect! Get some while they last!!! - Reviewed by on 3/17/2015
WOW! I did not expect the keg to be in such great shape. The handles and bottoms were not loose and in great shape, no major dents, held pressure. There was a small amount of syrup in the keg. Be sure to replace all the gaskets on these kegs. Awesome keg for $25. Will buy again. - Reviewed by on 3/12/2015
Rating Great Price
I ordered 3 of these while they had them in stock last fall, wasn't expecting great kegs but what I got was in very good condition. I ordered new seals at the same time and ordered ball locks seals by accident and they sent me the correct pinlock seals. I'll be ordering from these guys again soon. - Reviewed by on 1/27/2015
Rating Some defects, but worth the money and gamble
I bought four of these when they came back on sale November 2014. When they arrived, I was surprised as to how good of condition they were in. None of them had loose handles and seemed to be in the same, if not better, condition as the other kegs I have. Like all used kegs from AIH, they had some soda remnants inside but cleaned out just fine. After further inspection, I did find a couple which had been re-welded in spots (mostly around the bottom where the rubber meets the metal) which is some cause for concern. However, they all arrived under pressure and have zero leaks, so it will be worth it so long as they can be used a few times. One did have some dents around the opening for the lid, but some precision hammering should mitigate these issues. Other than that, they're in full operating condition. Even the seals on the lids were great. All in all, it's definitely a bang-for-your-buck buy, but it's more of a gamble than buying reconditioned kegs. If I need more, I will definitely consider buying these again. - Reviewed by on 11/20/2014
Rating Great value
I now have purchased 6 pin lock kegs. 2 loose handle and 4 regular. All arrived in good shape and fully functional. - Reviewed by on 11/1/2014
Rating Great keg! Better price!!
Picked up two & both are in great shape, dirty & full of soda syrup as described.. but all in all great kegs for the price! - Reviewed by on 10/29/2014
Rating Awesome
I have bought quite a few of these and even the worst ones I've gotten are still completely usable. Some took a little extra effort to clean but were still great once cleaned. - Reviewed by on 9/24/2014
Rating Great product for the money
I bought two of these. I found that on one of them, I could find nothing wrong. It was a bit dirty and scratched up, but 5 minutes with a wire brush fixed that. It is a great used keg. The other keg had a broken handle (not loose). The handle on one side was non-existent. This does make lifting a bit difficult when it is full, but it can be done. I would have rather had a complete handle that was a bit loose (it isn't) but it does work fine. As with the other one it was a bit dirty but I was able to polish it up. Both of these kegs hold pressure great and don't leak a bit. I am using them, so overall I am happy. For the price it is really hard to beat! - Reviewed by on 9/9/2014
Rating Great Value
I ordered three of these kegs. One had a piece of the handle torn off (but three grab-able spots remaining) and the other two had no visible damage. They weren't clean or pretty, but who cares? - Reviewed by on 9/6/2014
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Q: Do these kegs come holding pressure?
Asked by: - 11/18/2014
A: These kegs are pressure tested and should arrive holding pressure.
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Q: Does the lid on the pin lock loose handle kegs have a pressure release valve?
Asked by: - 11/14/2014
A: They do not. Pin lock kegs typically do not come with manual PRVs.
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Q: do you give a set of o-rings replacement with this product or do i have to purchas ir seperatly?
Asked by: - 7/22/2014
A: All loose bottom kegs do not come with o rings and must be purchased separately.
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Q: Does this keg come with an extra set of O-rings?
Asked by: - 4/2/2014
A: Our loose handled kegs do not come with an extra set of o-rings. These are placed at a very low price point.
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Q: Will you be restocking these anytime soon?
Asked by: - 2/21/2014
A: As we pressure test our kegs if we find any in the pile that have loose handles we will add them to the website. Currently we have not been seeing a lot of kegs with the loose handle.
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Q: Do they come with poppets and posts?
Asked by: - 2/12/2014
A: This does come with used poppets and posts.
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Q: What thread are the posts on these kegs?
Asked by: - 11/10/2013
A: The threads will either be 19/32-18 or 9/16-18. Just depends on the brand/maker of keg.
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