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Party Pig Beer Dispenser

Party Pig Beer Dispenser

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The Party Pig® Beer Dispensing Kit for the Homebrewer consists of:

  • One (1) Bottle, made of tough PET plastic
  • One (1) Plastic Tray and Nylon Carrying Strap
  • One (1) Dispensing Valve Assembly with Gasket
  • One (1) Aluminum Attaching Ring with Screws
  • Two (2) Pressure Pouches, Pre-sterilized in plastic shipper
  •  Complete Instructions 
Each Party Pig® Beer Dispensing Kit holds 8.5 liters (2.25 gallons) of beer.  The “Pig” holds about ˝ of a typical 5 gallon batch of homebrewed beer.  To use:

1.  Transfer fermented beer into the PET bottle,

2.  Add conditioning sugar,

3.  Place a Party Pig® Pressure Pouch in the bottle,

4.  Attach the Party Pig® Dispensing Valve,

5.  Activate the Pressure Pouch with the Party Pig® Activation Pump (see below),

6.  Bleed the head space gas from the bottle,

7.  Let the Party Pig® Beer Dispenser condition for about 2 weeks,

8.  Refrigerate the Party Pig® Beer Dispenser for about 24 hrs.,

9.  Enjoy your homebrewed draft beer at the “touch of a button”.

Please note: All the components are re-usable except the Pressure Pouch.  The two Pressure Pouches which are included in the Kit are enough for two “Pigs” of your beer.

You will need an Activation Pump (Quoin Part #007) to activate the Pressure Pouches after the Bottles are filled with your beer, a Pressure Pouch is inserted and the Valve is secured on the Bottle.  We sell these separately because you only need one of these pumps even though you might own several Party Pig® Beer Dispensing Kits.  You can add on the Activation Pump from the drop-down menu below.

Rating Still unsure
The concept is simple. But the execution is not!! I had it loaded...put my pressure pack in...screwed it down and waited. It was a little leaky. Tightened it up. Let the pressure pouch go...and all hell broke loose! Sprayed like crazy!! Tightened some good. So I relieved the pressure and attempted to pop the pressure pouch and save what was left of my homebrew..BOOM!! It all came at my cool. First attempt. I'll try again but this time I'm wearing goggles and a cup!! So far..NOT impressed. - Reviewed by on 4/25/2015
Rating Party Pig
I have pigged 6 times so far and feel that this does indeed simplify the bottling day. It is easy to clean and use. It has held up well and travels well. During the summer I wrapped it in the ice blanket and put it in the pig pen and it stayed cold all day. It fits in the fridge better than my 3 Gal keg and needs no CO2 to travel. Overall it does as advertised with very little fuss. Nice addition. - Reviewed by on 11/17/2014

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