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Perlick Stainless Steel 630ss Perl Faucet
faucet does not include knob

Perlick Stainless Steel 630ss Perl Faucet

Item Number C325-630SS
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Perlick's 630SS Stainless Steel, Forward Sealing Beer and Wine Faucets are unique in both appearance and function.  Perlick's revolutionary ball and floating O-ring design prevents beer from being exposed to air.  As a result, the handle lever doesn't stick, and there is no build up of mold and bacteria in the faucet body.  The micro-finished interior produces a smooth flow with less foaming ensuring a perfect pour every time.  Fewer internal parts means better reliability and fewer service calls.  Easy to clean-may be cleaned in place-Saves Time and Money.

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Rating Works perfect!
Swapped out two factory Perlick faucet heads that kept clogging and sealing closed from lack of use. These not only don't stick, EVER!, but they actually pour better as well. 100% recommended and worth every penny! - Reviewed by on 6/23/2015
Rating Perlick Stainless (630ss) Faucets
Very happy with the quality/functionality of the faucets. Service was fast! - Reviewed by on 4/28/2015
Rating Awesome faucets
Don't bother buying cheap faucets if you don't plan on drinking everyday from them (sometimes multiple times a day). I have 3 of these on my keezer and easily go multiple days between different brews and haven't had a single issue with them. Buy stoppers for added cleanliness too, mines in a garage so dust and pollen can get in the faucet end. - Reviewed by on 4/23/2015
Rating Just plain good
A very nice faucet. No drips, does not leak half the keg away. Looks great and feels great, well worth the cost. - Reviewed by on 4/8/2015
Rating As advertised and Super pleased
Ordered for first time from AIH and could not be happier with service and products received. Ive been watching for a Perlick Faucet and found this on here and compared prices. Best deal around! Installed in minutes and excellent pour. - Reviewed by on 4/7/2015
Rating Well Worth the Money!
I bought these to replace the perlick 525 and the chrome beer faucet. The 525 would drip constantly, even after replacing the o-ring. The chrome would get stuck shut if it wasn't used for a week and made the beer excessively foamy. Save the troubles and spend the money on this one, it is well worth it! - Reviewed by on 2/1/2015
Rating Nice Faucet
This Perlick 630 is a good-looking faucet which works well. I bought this to replace an old rear-sealing faucet which constantly stuck. While this is a great faucet, I'm not convinced it is that much better than the much-cheaper Perlick 525 faucet, which I also have. Time will tell. - Reviewed by on 1/2/2015
Rating Excellent product and great price
Bought this to replace my original tap in my conversion kegerator kit and I'll tell you, it's the only way to go. - Reviewed by on 12/6/2014
Rating GREAT Faucet.....
This faucet is REALLY nice! Wish I had bought them originally. One moving part, no place for "Yeast Blobs" to build up, and look GREAT! The Perlick 630SS Growler Filler #C325-6000 does fit this faucet (it has a smaller diameter o-ring end on it).... - Reviewed by on 9/14/2014
Rating Leak and drip free faucets that look great
I considered adding a drip tray to the fridge and am glad that I didn't, 'cause it is not needed. Shut off the faucet and you get exactly one drip each time. - Reviewed by on 6/25/2014
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Q: I have an Edgestar kegerator and want to put the 630ss on it. Do I need the shank and/or the tailpiece assembly?
Asked by: - 6/1/2015
A: The faucets should replace the existing faucets on your tower with no other hardware needed.
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Q: I bought 5 perlick taps and wanted to know about standard handles do you carry them? hard to use without them.
Asked by: - 2/20/2015
A: Sure, we sell standard black tap handles. They can be found here ( Item Number 40-1880 ).

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Q: Are spare parts available for the C325-630SS faucet? Do you carry them?
Asked by: - 9/2/2014
A: This is the new version of the Faucet and we have not yet gotten spare parts for it but they will be available in the future.
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Q: I have 3/16" beverage tubing. Which size tail piece should I choose? The 3/16" or 5/16".
Asked by: - 4/23/2014
A: You will want to use the 3/16th piece.
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Q: The Perlick 630SS is the new Perlick faucet that is taking the place of the 525SS that is being discontinued. Same great quality?
Asked by: - 3/19/2014
A: Yes the the 630ss is the new Perlick replacing the 525ss and it is the same great quality you would expect for Perlick with a few minor upgrades basically revolving around the angle of the faucet to improve flow and stop any drips after you close the faucet.
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Q: What is the difference between the Perlick 525SS and the new 630SS. I literally **JUST** bought two of the 525SS from you guys two weeks ago (never used yet) and wondering if I should consider changing them out????
Asked by: - 2/17/2014
A: The new faucets have a longer spout. You will not be able to use Perlick growler fillers with these faucets.
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