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Pilsner, Lager Beer Kits (Extract)

Original pilsner and dark lager recipe kits from Adventures in Homebrewing. You may also be interested in Light Ale Recipe Kits.
All Grain Brewers check out our All Grain Pilsner, Lager Kits.
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Oktoberfest / Marzen Recipe Kit
Average Rating(6)
AIH Helles Bock Recipe Kit
Average Rating(1)
Noble Pils Recipe Kit
Noble Pils Recipe Kit
Traditional Czech Pilsner
Backyard Pilsner Recipe Kit
Backyard Pilsner Recipe Kit
Clean, crisp and refreshing. Perfect for a day in the yard.
Average Rating(3)
Crystal Honey Lager Recipe Kit
Average Rating(2)
Bohemian Lager Recipe Kit
The 'King Of Beers' Clone Recipe Kit
Average Rating(1)
Dortmunder Gold Recipe Kit
Average Rating(1)
Northern German Pilsner Recipe Kit
Average Rating(1)
Rachael's 'Light Lager' Recipe Kit
$33.99  $29.99
Sam Adams Clone Recipe Kit
Average Rating(7)
$30.99  $27.89
Red Stripe Clone Recipe Kit
Average Rating(4)
Doppelganger German Doppelbock Recipe Kit
Pacifico Clone Recipe Kit
Average Rating(1)
Yuengling Clone Recipe Kit
Average Rating(3)
$28.49  $25.64
Scrimshaw Clone Recipe Kit
Average Rating(2)
Big Brew 2014 Black Dog Lager Recipe Kit
Average Rating(1)
Classic American Pilsner Recipe Kit
$25.99  $23.00
Big Brew 2010 Rocktoberfest Recipe Kit
Big Brew 2007 Haibrau Doppelbock Recipe Kit
Big Brew 2006 Summer Kolsch Recipe Kit
Big Brew 2003 Anchor Steam Recipe Kit
Big Brew 2002 Maibock Recipe Kit