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SN9 Vintners Wine Yeast

SN9 Vintners Wine Yeast

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Vintner's Harvest Yeast - Sn9
Vintner's Harvest Yeast - SN9 Excellent all-purpose strain, good for high alcohol and fortified wines as well as country wines, sweet sparkling wines, and ciders. If you could only use one wine yeast strain, this would be it. While relatively neutral in character, SN9 does introduce excellent weight and structure no matter the must or fruit and produces a congener profile that always complements the wine. Particularly good when fermenting flower or low fruit recipes which often lack vinosity, weight and depth. Like CL23, SN9 can ferment up to 18% abv, and is noted for its robustness, able to tolerate high levels of alcohol and free SO2, and withstand wide ranges of temperature and pH. But unlike CL23, SN9 adds weight and high glycerol production, making it preferred for high alcohol sweet wines. Can ferment down to down to 10C (50F). SN9 is ‘fermentation friendly’ in that it produces zero foam, starts fermenting rapidly, and can be used to re-start stuck fermentations. SN9 is the most osmotolerant and the fastest-clearing of all Vintner’s Harvest strains.

Q: How many gallons of wine does each $2.99 packet make?
Asked by: - 7/8/2014
A: Each Packet will make up to 6 gallons of wine.
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