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Scottish, English, Irish Ale Kits (Extract)

Original Scottish, English and Irish recipe kits from Adventures in Homebrewing. These are 5 gallon extract kits.
All Grain Brewers check out our All Grain Scottish, English, Irish Ale Kits.
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Scottish Export 80 Shilling Recipe Kit
Average Rating(2)
80 Shilling Scottish Ale Recipe Kit
Average Rating(5)
SS Minnow Mild Ale Recipe Kit
Pointon's Proper English Mild Recipe Kit
Yanked English Mild Recipe Kit
Chiswick Bitter Recipe Kit
Bass Ale Clone Recipe Kit
Newcastle Brown Ale Clone Recipe Kit
Average Rating(8)
Irish Red Ale Recipe Kit
Irish Red Ale Recipe Kit
Extract Recipe Kit
Average Rating(1)
$30.99  $27.89
AIH Pub Bitter Recipe Kit
Cornerstone Mild Recipe Kit
Irish Setter Irish Red Recipe Kit
Average Rating(2)
$31.99  $28.79
Edinburgh Scottish Ale Recipe Kit
Average Rating(1)
Irish Hills Red Ale Recipe Kit
Average Rating(10)
$33.99  $30.59
Better Than Boddingtons Clone Recipe Kit
Highlands Scottish Ale Recipe Kit
Average Rating(1)
Hunter's Moon Old Ale Recipe Kit
Barley Wine Recipe Kit