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Set of Four 5 Gallon Pin Lock Kegs Used
Note the lid is NOT a manual relief valve

Set of Four 5 Gallon Pin Lock Kegs Used

Item Number 99-3384-4
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We are throwing in 4 sets of O-rings with every purchase of these kegs

Pressure tested 5 gallon, Pin lock, stainless steel, cornelius style tank. These tanks are guaranteed to hold pressure. Tanks show normal wear & tear. Pin Lock lids.
22" - 24" tall x 9" in Diameter

Kegs are fully assembled - optional new parts are below. Example: If you want new o-rings, check the box below.

We know some homebrewers are more picky than others, so please keep in mind that these are USED pin lock kegs. Some of these kegs are probably 30 years old. Do not expect new kegs. If you are looking for new kegs, please check out our new kegs. We try and have quality kegs available at all times. With this said, they are going to show normal wear and tear. We try not to purchase from Pepsi or Coke to avoid heavily used kegs. We are not implying that our kegs are not quality...we just want to avoid any misunderstandings.

If you are unhappy with your used 5 Gallon Pin Lock Cornelius Kegs for any reason, we will gladly take them back. The purchaser will be responsible for return shipping charges.

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Rating Used kegs that work
I ordered two sets of four. They are used and some still contained product. Shipping was the same. Cleaned them out, changed all O-rings then sanitized.They've been holding pressure. Awaiting to be filled with fermented beverages and soda. I would purchase again. Good price for used kegs that need to be cleaned. I imagine they were in service and retired to a warehouse somewhere. - Reviewed by on 5/11/2015
Rating Dirty, sure. This was unexpected.
I expected 30+ year old dinged, dented, and dirty kegs. Well these were indeed that, but what really got me was somebody took an abrasive wheel grinder and ground out the words Coca Cola where the "Property of Coca Cola Company" embossing was. The kegs still hold plenty of pressure but there are black crusties on the inside of the kegs because of the grinding that just won't wash off. Is it harmful or will it taint flavor? I have no idea. Also, due to the age of the rubber, it will turn your hands and anything else black that touches it when wet (this was expected). Please be aware of this. That is my only concern about this buy. - Reviewed by on 3/20/2015
Rating Just as descibed
This is my third set of four. These are a super deal. Read the description. These are not new. You will have to give a thorough cleaning. I've had to replace a total of 2 o-rings and 1 poppet. They send you new o-rings with the kegs. And you can get universal poppets for $2. I've been using pin locks for a year and a half and have no complaints. - Reviewed by on 12/28/2014
Rating Used pin lock kegs
Just got my 4 used kegs today. They are in great condition. No broken plastic or dents. All 4 were pressurized and holding. No leaks. They are clean inside with no residue. I highly recommend this product and will be buying more once these are filled. - Reviewed by on 11/10/2014
Rating Set of Four Pin Lock Kegs
I recently purchased my second set of Four Pin Lock 5 gallon Kegs, could not be happier. They arrived promptly and in excellent condition, each keg had plenty of pressure in it to assure that they were in good working order. A quick sanitizing and they where put to good use. I also purchased the set of four 3 gallon pin lock kegs, which arrived in the same excellent condition. These are Great for splitting batches. - Reviewed by on 11/4/2014
Rating Very Happy with Set of 4 Pin Lock Kegs
I ordered a set of 4 pin lock kegs which I received very quickly. I had a pressure issue with one keg but AIH sent a replacement at my request. The price was great and the service was top notch. I bought a set of 4 three gallon kegs afterward and I am equally as happy with those. - Reviewed by on 7/7/2014
Rating Mixed thoughts
I understand that these kegs are reasonably priced, but I would have liked to have been prepared for how dirty they actually were. The first keg I went to clean spurted out soda syrup. When I got the lid off I found close to a gallon of soda still in it. All four kegs were caked in dust and dirt. I wasn't expecting the kegs to be perfect, but I don't think I will go through the hassle of kegs in this poor condition again. - Reviewed by on 5/9/2014
Rating 4 pack 5 gal pin lock kegs
Ordered the 4 pack of 5gal pin lock kegs, was excited to see them get there. Unpacked and had a look at them, they are in good shape still under pressure, started to clean and install the o-rings that came with them, all still had syrup in them, no biggy, one of them had some syrup stains on the inside a little elbow grease get it clean, I have my first batch of Beer in one now. Great Value Thanks!!! - Reviewed by on 5/7/2014
Rating 5 gal pin lock
I ordered 4 of the used 5 gal pin lock kegs. I am happy I have them, but I did not expect to receive them with soda syrup still left in it. They were extremely dirty both in and out. The good side is they do hold pressure. - Reviewed by on 2/23/2014
Rating Mixed feelings
I got my 4 kegs and was excited that I had found them at such a good price. The kegs came pressurized, so no leaks, great. The other day I decided to do my first keg beer. When I started to sanitize the kegs I found weld or solder marks on the inside of one of the kegs where it had been repaired. Perfect for bacteria to hide. I was disappointed. Oh, later I bought an o-ring kit because the dip tubes o-rings were shot, now they throw them in for free. - Reviewed by on 2/22/2014
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Q: I'd like to buy socket so I can remove the posts, then modify it myself with the three small notches). I've read that pin lock kegs are sometimes 7/8ths and sometimes 13/16ths. What size socket works best for posts on these kegs?
Asked by: - 5/22/2015
A: The best socket to buy if you are planning on modifying it for pin lock kegs would be 13/16" - 1/2" drive. Good luck!
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Answer provided by:
Q: What additional parts do you recommend purchasing with these kegs? I see there are several options. Do I need poppets, for example?
Asked by: - 3/26/2015
A: These kegs do come with replacement o-rings and used poppets. Having extra poppets or o-rings is never a bad idea, ensuring that you will be able to keep the kegs in service. Pin Lock Sockets are custom cut to aid in removing these keg posts, I highly recommend them.
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Q: Could these be converted to ball lock? If so, how easily?
Asked by: - 2/5/2015
A: You can convert these kegs to ball lock, you would need to get posts with the same thread sizes. The best option would be to purchase ball lock conversion kits at the same time that you purchase the kegs. Purchase one set of four 5 gallon pin lock kegs, and four of our conversion kits ( Item Number 99-3544 or Item Number 99-3543 ) at the same time. Then just add notes in the comments section at checkout that you need the kegs to match the conversion kits you purchased, and we will accommodate you.
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Q: Do the kegs ship together in a single package? What is the approx. weight of the shipment?
Asked by: - 1/27/2015
A: These kegs to ship together in a single 49# package.
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Q: Do these have a pressure relief valve on lid?
Asked by: - 10/4/2014
A: This kegs do have manual pressure relief valves on the lid. They only have safety relief valves.
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Q: Do these kegs come with pressure relief valves? Picture looks like they don't. But the description didn't say they don't.
Asked by: - 9/8/2014
A: The pin lock kegs will not come with manual pressure relief valves on the lids, they only have an emergency relief valve that will blow at 130 PSI. You can however release the pressure from pin lock kegs by pushing down on the gas inltg popit using a screw driver or by purchasing a pressure relief tool.
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Q: Why no discount for the 4 kegs? I see no deal here. Same as buying 4 separately.
Asked by: - 4/23/2014
A: We sell them in a set of four because that is a very common denomination that many people order.
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Q: Are these kegs guaranteed to hold pressure? Are they tested prior to sale?
Asked by: - 3/19/2014
A: Yes these used kegs are pressure tested before they are shipped.
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Q: Is is possible to request kegs with 9/16-18 threads (Firestone etc) ? The style (ball or pin) is less important.
Asked by: - 12/28/2013
A: You can request this but we cannot always guarantee that is what you will receive. The kegs are pressure tested in one area of our building and orders are pulled from a separate area. The people pulling the orders can not take kegs back apart to ensure you receive the request. We try to fill every request but this is not something I can guarantee.
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