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Spirits & More

Make spirits at home with our huge selection of liquor making supplies. Also choose from hard cider, soda, cheese and vinegar making kits plus beer gift ideas and home brewing books.
Home Distilling Equipment Home Distilling Equipment
Quality easy-to-use distilling equipment, distillation units and supplies by Still Spirits.
Still Spirits Distillers Yeast Still Spirits Distillers Yeast
Still Spirits offers a variety of high quality turbo distillers yeasts for all of your fermentation needs.
Still Spirits Liqueur Kits Still Spirits Liqueur Kits
Choose from a variety of liqueur essence kits by Still Spirits.
Liquor Quik Distillers Yeast Liquor Quik Distillers Yeast
Fresh Liquor Quik distillers yeast for making homemade whiskey, liquors, schnapps and cordials.
Still Spirits Liqueur Base Still Spirits Liqueur Base
Choose from 4 varieties of liqueur base. Use in conjunction with Still Spirits essences.
White Labs Distillers Yeast White Labs Distillers Yeast
Choose from several strains of White Labs Distillers Yeast including whiskey and neutral grain alcohol yeasts.
Still Spirits Flavor Essences Still Spirits Flavor Essences
Still Spirits offers a large selection of flavor essences for making your favorite liquor or liqueur.
Homebrew Oak Chips Homebrew Oak Chips
Quality oak chips and cubes for making liquors, whiskey, beer, wine and cordials.
Still Spirits Classic Essences Still Spirits Classic Essences
Still Spirits offers their classic essences in sachets.
Soda Making Supplies Soda Making Supplies
Choose from several soda making recipe kits including root beer and ginger ale.
Still Spirits Vodka Shotz Still Spirits Vodka Shotz
Choose from several varieties of Vodka Shotz flavor packets by Still Spirits.
Cheese Making Supplies Cheese Making Supplies
Cheese making recipe kits, equipment, cultures, rennets and consumables.
Liquor Quik Flavoring Essences Liquor Quik Flavoring Essences
Quality flavors and essence for flavoring your liquors, whiskeys, cordials and schnapps.
Vinegar Making Supplies Vinegar Making Supplies
Homemade vinegar making kits, equipment and ingredients.
Liquor Bottles, Caps and Corks Liquor Bottles, Caps and Corks
Quality Liquor bottles, caps and corks for homemade liquors. More to come in the near future!
Home Brewing Books Home Brewing Books
Find homebrewing books including beer brewing, wine making, distillation, mead, food, drink, cheese, vinegar and soda making books.
Hard Cider Kits Hard Cider Kits
Just Add Cider! Hard Cider Making Kit includes all necessary chemicals and adjuncts for 5 gallons of hard cider.
Beer Gift Ideas Beer Gift Ideas
Fun gifts for beer lovers and homebrewers, party games for adults, gifts for wine lovers, beer t-shirts and bottle openers.