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Stainless Hop Filter 4" x 10" - 300 micron mesh
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Stainless Hop Filter 4" x 10" - 300 micron mesh

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Stainless Steel Brewing Filter

This 300 micron mesh filter has tabs for hanging on the side of your pot, also a tangent strip that also serves as a handle. The 300 micron provides total containment of hop pellets while allowing wort flow through it. Capacity 125 cubic inches. Using a plate chiller? Recirculate your wort through this filter before hooking up the plate chiller and collect trub, irish moss clumps or spices you may have added.

This Hop Screen will become one of your favorite pieces equipment.

Rating clogs easily
I've had mixed results with this..used several times so far. The quality is fine/good, but I've found that "proteins" in the wort, clog the fine mesh, and seem to prevent good flow of liquids (hop oils?) through the mesh. By clogging I mean, that if I lift the wort filled filter completely out of the kettle, the wort will only trickle out. I stopped using irish moss, as I believe it caused the issue. Next brew session was done without irish moss and I don't recall any clogging issues. Yesterday brewed with mostly pilsener malt withOUT irish moss, and had same clogging issue. Anyone experience this? Any solutions or tips to avoid clogging, as this device would otherwise function as desired. - Reviewed by on 6/4/2015
Rating Great Time Saver
Good construction. Good size for my 8-gallon boiling pots. Seems to improve extraction, clarity & yield especially with pellet hops. Great time saver for cleanup. - Reviewed by on 4/24/2015
Rating Stainless Hop Filter...
Got it as a Christmas gift and I love it. - Reviewed by on 1/26/2015
Rating Better than a hop spider
I am a little worried about security of the weld holding the mesh on the frame, but so far it is holding up fine. I also, have not had a proper test to discuss hop utilization although it seems ok. That being said...As for the design it is awesome. Easy to use. Easy to add hops to. Most important... way easier to clean than a bag. I am very happy to have this in my arsenal. - Reviewed by on 10/20/2014
Rating The Lupulus Flavorus Maximus
With this filter, you can make the most balanced, hop-forward IPA / APA with as little as 3oz of hops. I will teach you this secret young grasshopper but learning this awesome hopping power also requires great responsibility. Ok, on a serious note...the goal here is to use as little hops as possible but to extract and retain as much flavor from them so that you don't turn your beer into a thick hop syrup with 10+ oz of hops. You don't need that many just need to use them efficiently and with this filter, it is really easy to do. The trick is to really work the filter for the flame out / whirlpool addition and then use it for a hop tea when you bottle / keg (best). It also helps to keep your malt body medium - thin so you best accent the hop character. I have used this technique 3 times now and have totally converted to brewing APAs and IPAs with this technique. This is my standard hopping formula so feel free to tweak it but this should give you a starting point. Also...use whatever hops you like...this is just my hopping schedule as an example. 60 min - Add 0.5 oz of Amarillo and 0.5 oz of Citra into the filter. Stir often and t-bag the filter up and down in the boiling wort because the mesh is so tight, there isn't good liquid circulation inside the filter. This will help extract the oils better than just letting it sit. 30 min - Add 0.5 oz of Amarillo and continue to stir / t-bag every so often. Flame out - Cool your wort to 150F and then add 0.5 oz of Citra to the filter. T-bag the filter for 20-30 minutes to achieve lupulus flavorus maximus and then continue to cool for pitching. Keg / Bottle day - Throw the filter into a pot and add ~ 1qt of water and boil to sanitize both water and filter. Let the water cool to 150F and add 1oz of your favorite aroma / flavoring hop. T-bag for ~5-10 min and dump the tea into the keg / bottling bucket. Repeat with another quart and then keg / bottle. It is best to keg because you can put the keg straight into cooling to preserve the hop flavor! This technique has finally gotten my IPA / APA to the point where they have that fresh pro brewer hop flavor. As a don't have to deal with all of the hop trub! Enjoy! - Reviewed by on 6/26/2014
Rating Cleaner wort!
This is a huge benefit in making clearer beer. I also put my hop bags into it to double the filtration. - Reviewed by on 5/10/2014
Rating Awesome
I brew a lot of IPAs that are heavily hopped. I also use the BIAB method so I do a full volume boil. The hop filter works great because I use pellets that quickly break up and cause my bazooka filter and funnel screen to clog. Then I have to scrap them several times while transferring wort. Now I'll clean the funnel filter once not 4-5 times. The hop filter cleans super easy with a garden hose. - Reviewed by on 4/7/2014
Rating Good product
No surprises here. This hop spider is well-built and does the job. If I broke it, I would buy another. - Reviewed by on 4/3/2014
Rating Must have item!
I've been using mesh bags for years for my hops. I wish I knew about these devices years ago. I've only used it for one batch, but I used it about three different times. First, I used it to screen my wort when I transferred from my mash tun to the brew kettle. Cleaning it out was quick and easy. Then I used it in the boil on the side of my kettle, as intended. Worked great! After I chilled my wort, I pulled it out, cleaned it, sanitized it, and used it to filter the wort before it went into the fermenter. Overkill? Perhaps. Bottom line, this is very useful and versatile. As far as this company goes, more than pleased with their customer service. I ordered this and a stir plate. I had issues with my phone browser when trying to order, so I ended up calling in. They quickly finished my stuck order. I wanted to pay extra for three day delivery. The rep told me it wouldn't make a difference because of where I live, I'd get it in three days with their cheapest shipping. He was right! Love the equipment I got, love how they handled my order. - Reviewed by on 3/26/2014

Q: Can you get these with the hanging option?
Asked by: - 1/29/2015
A: We could have a custom filter built for you to your specifications, email us at if you would like to pursue this option.
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Answer provided by:
Q: Will this work ok with your 9 gallon pot?
Asked by: - 12/7/2014
A: This will work with our 9 gallon pot with no issues.

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Q: How many ounces of hops will this fit?
Asked by: - 12/15/2013
A: Part of this question, would depend on the size/depth of your pot. How far into the pot does the filter sit? etc. As far the actual volume, 4 oz's of pellets fits pretty easy. You can get up to 6 oz's of pellets, but you have to stir a little, as it tends to want to clog the mesh.
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Q: Do you have this in stock?
Asked by: - 12/11/2013
A: Yes we have these in stock.
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Q: Do you have anything like this pre-modified to be used with a keggle?
Asked by: - 12/2/2013
A: We are working on one that will fit around the handle.
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Q: Will this fit in the pot if you're also using a wort chiller in the boil?
Asked by: - 11/26/2013
A: This depends on the diameter of the pot and how much room is left.
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