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Stainless Hop Filter 4" x 10" - 300 micron mesh
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Stainless Hop Filter 4" x 10" - 300 micron mesh

Item Number C443-BRWFLT4
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Stainless Steel Brewing Filter
This 300 micron mesh filter has tabs for hanging on the side of your pot, also a tangent strip that also serves as a handle.   The 300 micron provides total containment of hop pellets while allowing wort flow through it.   Capacity 125 cubic inches.  Using a plate chiller?  Recirculate your wort through this filter before hooking up the plate chiller and collect trub, irish moss clumps or spices you may have added.

This Hop Screen will become one of your favorite pieces equipment.

Rating Awesome
I brew a lot of IPAs that are heavily hopped. I also use the BIAB method so I do a full volume boil. The hop filter works great because I use pellets that quickly break up and cause my bazooka filter and funnel screen to clog. Then I have to scrap them several times while transferring wort. Now I'll clean the funnel filter once not 4-5 times. The hop filter cleans super easy with a garden hose. - Reviewed by on 4/7/2014
Rating Good product
No surprises here. This hop spider is well-built and does the job. If I broke it, I would buy another. - Reviewed by on 4/3/2014
Rating Must have item!
I've been using mesh bags for years for my hops. I wish I knew about these devices years ago. I've only used it for one batch, but I used it about three different times. First, I used it to screen my wort when I transferred from my mash tun to the brew kettle. Cleaning it out was quick and easy. Then I used it in the boil on the side of my kettle, as intended. Worked great! After I chilled my wort, I pulled it out, cleaned it, sanitized it, and used it to filter the wort before it went into the fermenter. Overkill? Perhaps. Bottom line, this is very useful and versatile. As far as this company goes, more than pleased with their customer service. I ordered this and a stir plate. I had issues with my phone browser when trying to order, so I ended up calling in. They quickly finished my stuck order. I wanted to pay extra for three day delivery. The rep told me it wouldn't make a difference because of where I live, I'd get it in three days with their cheapest shipping. He was right! Love the equipment I got, love how they handled my order. - Reviewed by on 3/26/2014

Q: How many ounces of hops will this fit?
Asked by: - 12/15/2013
A: Part of this question, would depend on the size/depth of your pot. How far into the pot does the filter sit? etc. As far the actual volume, 4 oz's of pellets fits pretty easy. You can get up to 6 oz's of pellets, but you have to stir a little, as it tends to want to clog the mesh.
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Q: Do you have this in stock?
Asked by: - 12/11/2013
A: Yes we have these in stock.
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Q: Do you have anything like this pre-modified to be used with a keggle?
Asked by: - 12/2/2013
A: We are working on one that will fit around the handle.
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Q: Will this fit in the pot if you're also using a wort chiller in the boil?
Asked by: - 11/26/2013
A: This depends on the diameter of the pot and how much room is left.
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