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The Catalyst Fermentation System

The Catalyst Fermentation System

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The Catalyst Fermentation System

This is a new all-in-one fermentation vessel! A 6.5 gallon fermenting vessel, the Catalyst features a bevy of options designed to make brewing simpler and easier. The Catalyst Fermentation System can be used for primary fermentation and secondary fermentation, as well as collecting kettle trub, harvesting yeast, and bottling. The BPA-free Tritan polymer tank is completely dishwasher safe and features a 3" butterfly valve, allowing you to easily connect any wide mouth mason jar for use in trub, sediment, and yeast collection. You can also easily attach the included bottling attachment with transfer tubing to simplify the bottling process. The durable stand is designed using I-beam and honeycomb construction.

6.5 Gallon Tank (BPA-Free, Scratch Resistant)
3" Butterfly Valve
Stand (Minor Assembly)
Bottling Attachment
Transfer Tubing
Tubing Clamp
Rubber Stopper
16 oz. Wide Mouth Mason Jar
Allen Wrench

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