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Used 5 gallon whiskey barrel
5 Gallon used whiskey barrel with optional stand

Used 5 gallon whiskey barrel

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5 Gallon Used Whiskey Barrels

From an award winning small batch distillery in Chicago (Evanston), IL. 
These twice filled charred oak barrels will add depth and complexity to your next brew. 

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Rating Best Barrel Best Merchant
I received one of these barrels last year as a Christmas present from my children. Somehow one of the steel bands was lost. AIH went way beyond what I could have expected and found a band for me, sent detailed recovery instructions and the band at no charge. I just racked off the merlot I aged in the barrel and it is FANTASTIC. Went online to purchase more and missed this years supply. I will be keeping track in 2014. I need several more. - Reviewed by on 1/6/2014
Rating Quality is Awesome
I am very pleased with my latest purchase from Adventures in Homebrewing, the used 5 gallon Bourbon barrel is better than I expected the quality and appearance is awesome and all my family and friends love it too. I can''t wait to try the Strong Ale I brewed just for that barrel. Thanks for the great deal on this purchase. - Reviewed by on 10/15/2012
Rating Smells Amazing
The Whisky Barrel is great. It is in great shape, smells amazing and is the perfect size for home brewers. Quick delivery and safely packed too. Thank you. - Reviewed by on 10/5/2012
Rating Best of Show
Just to let you know. My Wheat Wine that was aged in one of these barrels for 3 weeks won Best of Show in the Colorado State Fair! 475 entries. Cheers. - Reviewed by on 8/30/2012
Rating Very Impressed
I am very impressed with this barrel as was my brew partner. My girlfriend was enthralled with the aroma inside the cask. She wants our Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter to start the party. We may need a few more of these barrels. - Reviewed by on 7/27/2012
Rating Perfect Condition
I received my barrel just fine and in perfect condition. I have an imperial stout that I plan on racking into the barrel this weekend. Can''t wait to taste it! Thanks again for the great deal. Cheers! - Reviewed by on 6/29/2012
Rating Good Shape
Whiskey barrel arrived in good shape and I am very happy! - Reviewed by on 5/16/2012
Rating Works Great
The ordering and shipping process was great for me with everything packaged nicely. The whiskey barrel works great with no leaks, just wish I would have bought a second one. - Reviewed by on 5/16/2012
Rating Quite Happy
Wow, this is how you run a business! When my barrel arrived, I didn''t yet have a suitable beer to age in it. So, I filled it with distilled water as a stopgap measure. The barrel didn''t leak, and was in good condition when I received it. I really like that you folks bundled it with the stand - it was very helpful. I am quite happy with my purchase, and will certainly order from you folks again. Thanks! - Reviewed by on 5/16/2012
Rating Barrel Smelled Great
I did get the barrel and I''m very excited to taste my first aged IPA in about a month. The barrel smelled great when I was filling it with the beer. Thank you so much. - Reviewed by on 5/16/2012
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Q: Are you going to get more 5 gallon whiskey barrels. If so can I get on a list to purchase one?
Asked by: - 9/12/2014
A: At this time we do not have a source to get any more and we have not had a source in almost 2 years.
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Answer provided by:
Q: How can these not be available and not available in the near future, they were just mentioned in the latest issue of Zymurgy?
Asked by: - 8/5/2014
A: Sorry but we have sold all of our used whiskey barrels and have none available at this time. We do however have new barrels available.
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Answer provided by:
Q: how often do these become available? can i get a "heads up email" when they do?
Asked by: - 2/14/2014
A: We don't expect to restock these in the future.
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Q: When will you have more of these barrels for sale?
Asked by: - 2/9/2014
A: We do not expect to restock these barrels in the future.
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Answer provided by:
Q: When will the 5 gallon Barrels be available? Have they had bourbon in them
Asked by: - 1/20/2014
A: We currently do not have a supplier for this item and are not expecting to restock.
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