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Vanilla Porter Recipe Kit

Vanilla Porter Recipe Kit

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A rich robust porter with two vanilla beans. A real treat!

This 5 gallon kit includes LME, Specialty Grains w/bag, 
Vanilla Beans & Hops

Rating Great Vanilla flavor
This beer has a lot of malt in the recipe and yet very well bananced with good lacing and vanilla flavor. A real treat on a Wisconsin winter evening. I will make this one again. Very pleased. - Reviewed by on 1/5/2015
Rating Gone in 8 days
Made this in November to be ready for the Christmas holiday parties. First time using Liquid Yeast. Added 2 additional vanilla beans during secondary. Ended up with very strong vanilla smell, yet flavor was pretty balanced. Kegged and forced carbed 4 weeks after brew day. With bringing growlers over to parties and having friends over, all 5 gallons disappeared in 8 days! Definitely will make again. - Reviewed by on 1/2/2015
Rating Great Christmas nightcap
I just cracked my first one here on Christmas night. A wonderful holiday/cold weather brew. Made with Wyeast 1098 and did 2 weeks in the primary and another week in the secondary where I soaked the vanilla beans in vodka prior to racking. Nice vanilla flavor and aroma. Easy drinking, but enough flavor to sit back and savor each sip. Proud that I included this beer in my holiday 6-packs to friends and family this year. I will do this brew again in Christmas 2015. - Reviewed by on 12/25/2014
Rating Impressed
For my first ever brew, this came out better than expected... with expectations that there was no way I could nail it on my first try, I am seriously impressed. Drank one last night. Still has a few days left of carbonation to go. Most don't use secondary, but we did for extra precaution. About a week before racking the beer, I soaked the vanilla beans in some Johnny Walker double black. With smokey flavor and vanilla undertones, I threw the whole thing in the secondary. And it was a really good idea. Gave the beer a little more warmth for the winter. Only thing I would do different is use more vanilla beans!!!! - Reviewed by on 12/18/2014
Rating Great kit
I normally brew all grain but I had been disappointed in my last batch and was saving up to buy some new and additional equipment to improve the process. I bought this kit and it arrived quickly and without issues. They also shipped it for free! I did some modifications by adding 1 1/2 cups of Makers Mark at kegging time as well as using Wyeast 1450 for yeast instead of the yeast recommended. It has been in the keg for a few days now and will probably try it in another week or so. Preliminary tasting is very good though. - Reviewed by on 11/12/2014
Rating Great Kit
Kit was received quickly. Opened the box and was greeted with wonderful aromas from the grain and the vanilla. Brew day was quick and simple. Dropped vanilla beans in secondary and transferred beer after a week of fermentation. Beer tasted great on transfer, chocolate and malt flavors. Looking forward to drinking the finished product. - Reviewed by on 10/31/2014
Rating Absolutely awesome!!!
I made this Porter this past winter and love it. Probably one of the best brews I have made. Very subtle vanilla flavor and the porter. Ahh. I am ordering another kit and probably will add more vanilla bean to this batch. Thinking maybe in the primary and secondary. But don't be afraid to brew it as per recipe because it is fantastic. I gave a fellow brewer a few bottles to check out, and he told me that it was competition quality and he is a very experienced brewer and not light with his compliments. Can't say enough about this one but try it. You won't be sorry. - Reviewed by on 9/24/2014
Rating A hit with everyone
My very first homebrew. Directions were clear and concise even if I wasn't. Everyone loved it so I ran out too fast. The vanilla added smoothness and complexity on top of a rich porter. - Reviewed by on 8/14/2014

Q: Is the LME in this recipe a Dark or Porter Extract?
Asked by: - 2/21/2015
A: This kit uses a Pale extract base and the dark color and roastiness comes from the specialty grains that are steeped before boil.
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Q: Does your hops go into a bag instead of directly into the mash? If so, how many bags needed for 1 batch? What is expected final alcohol %? Which yeast is best for winter brewing? I've never used a liquid yeast. If liquid, what is the ice pack used for?
Asked by: - 11/19/2014
A: This is an extract recipe, so there is no mash. We have our recipes linked to each of the descriptions on the website. Hop bags are not necessary, only personal preference. The expected ABV on this recipe is 5.4% Ice packs are used to keep liquid yeast cold during transit. The best yeast depends on the strain and application. If your home is consistently in the mid sixties you should be able to still use most ale strains adequately.
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