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Whole Leaf Hops

At Adventures in Homebrewing, we purchase our whole leaf hops once a year to ensure a fresh product. We keep the leaf hops in our freezer to guarantee fresh, quality hops for you!
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Ahtanum Leaf Hops 1 oz $2.75
Amarillo Leaf Hops 1oz Not currently for sale.
Cascade Leaf Hops 1 oz $2.29
Centennial Leaf Hops 1oz $1.99
Chinook Leaf Hops 1 oz Not currently for sale.
Citra Leaf Hops 1oz $2.99
Cluster Leaf Hops 1oz $1.99
Columbus Leaf Hops 1 oz $2.75
Fuggle Leaf Hops 1oz $2.49
Hallertau (German) Leaf Hops 1 oz. $2.75
Hop Poster- Flavor, Bitterness and Aroma $23.99
Kent Goldings Leaf Hops 1oz Not currently for sale.
Northern Brewer Leaf Hops 1oz $2.75
Saaz (Czech) Leaf Hops 1oz $2.75
Sorachi Ace Leaf Hops 1oz $2.99
Tettnang Leaf Hops 1oz $2.75
Willamette Leaf Hops 1oz Not currently for sale.