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Whole Leaf Hops

At Adventures in Homebrewing, we purchase our whole leaf hops once a year to ensure a fresh product. We keep the leaf hops in our freezer to guarantee fresh, quality hops for you!
Leaf Hops by the Pound Leaf Hops by the Pound
Several leaf hop varieties available by the pound.
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Ahtanum Leaf hops 1 oz. $2.75
Amarillo 1 lb Leaf hops $29.99
Amarillo 1 oz Leaf hops $2.99
Cascade leaf Hops 1 oz $2.29
Centennial 1 oz Leaf hops $1.99
Chinook Leaf hops 1 oz. $2.50
Citra Leaf Hops (1 oz.) $2.99
Cluster 1 oz Leaf hops $1.99
Columbus Leaf hops 1 oz. $2.75
Fuggle 1 oz Leaf Hops $2.49
Hallertau (German) Leaf Hops 1 oz. $2.75
Hallertau Leaf Hops 1 Pound $17.99
Kent Goldings 1oz Leaf Hops $2.99
Northern Brewer 1oz Leaf Hops $2.75
Saaz (Czech) 1oz Leaf Hops $2.75
Sorachi Ace Leaf Hops 1oz. $2.99
Tettnang Leaf Hops 1 oz. $2.75
Willamette 1oz Leaf Hops Not currently for sale.