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10# CO2 Tank Reconditioned Steel

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10# CO2 Tank Reconditioned Steel

1800 PSI Rating

New brass CGA320 valve with pressure relief.

Approximately 23" Tall and 6.5" in Diameter (size and color may vary)

Some tanks may have an ICC stamp. These tanks were manufactured before the sixties, under the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) instead of the Department of Transportation (DOT).

The ICC marked tanks are tested according to DOT procedures (every 5 years) and are still eligible for filling of commercial CO2.

Tear Weight Stamps may or may not be marked on the tanks when shipped. 

*please check with your local gas supplier prior to purchase to ensure they will allow fill on site for ICC stamped tanks. Any tanks returned to AIH not due to damage/defect issues would have the receiver covering all shipping fees for the return*

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