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10 Gallon Brew in A Basket Combo

10 Gallon Brew in A Basket Combo

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10 gal BIABasKit

Peanut butter and jelly.  Beer and hot dogs. Milk and cookies.  Sometimes the best inventions come about by taking two good things and putting them together.  AiH is proud to introduce the 10 gal BIABasKit featuring a 10 gallon brew kettle with lid and a customized 300 micron mesh basket that fits into the pot to allow for brew in a bag style brewing.

Features of the basket include:

* feet allowing for clearance from the bottom of the pot to prevent scorching
* a C shaped rod to hook tabs on the basket to allow the basket and grains to drain
*100% stainless steel construction
*easy to clean design
*hand fabrication right here in the USA

We know what you are thinking.  Why would I pay this much for a basket when I can by a bag for the fraction of the price?  We asked ourselves that very question and answered ourselves with the following:

*bags wear over time because they aren't made with stainless steel
*the best bag on the market can't handle weight as well as this basket
* the brew in the basket is made of the same material as our hop filters and dry hopping tube: after discarding your spent grains, rinse it out and throw it back into the boil and use as a hop filter that you can remove add end of boil
* spent grain is pretty heavy, many bags require lots of elbow grease or pulleys and winches. the tabs on the sides of the brew basket allow the basket to drain with ease.

After answering our questions we were pretty hungry.  We ate a pb and j sandwich, had a beer and hot dog and washed it down with some milk and cookies.  These items are not included.
5 Stars
Great Product
This is an overall great product and I highly recommend it. Nice not to ever worry about buying or tearing bags or leaching chemicals in your beer from synthetics or burning yourself on a hot bag. Basket is very high quality and I have no doubt will last a very long time if taken care of. I’d say don’t scrape at it with metal tools, it cleans nicely just with a kitchen sprayer. The kettle is a nice size should work well for 5g, 20lbs grain bill, at full volume mash, 10g batches won’t work, you’ll never have enough space for your preboil volume. Kettle seems well constructed with sturdy handles. Kettle fits on my 10” KAB4 Bayou Burner perfectly. Also will work with the shorter weld-less bulkheads if you want to add a ball valve, but won’t work with a temperature well, but I use a 12” Bayou Brew Thermometer and it works great. I do have some usage recommendations for this system. Don’t attempt to boil with basket in, you will have mess on your hands, the foam will blast up the sides. Make sure you heat your strike water with the basket already in or it will lower your mash temp significantly. Also much easier to have a second set of hands or a pulley to lift the basket. I personally set up a simple 2:1 pulley in my garage, makes lifting and positioning the hanger brace and volume checking a snap. I’d also highly recommend making an insulated box for it to mash in, works so great and was cheap to make. Google “The Tun Cozy” for instructions. I ended up using a cardboard box for mine and about 3, 16oz cans of foam. Works great with my pulley, lift the kettle, kick away my burner and lower into the box. Only 1 degree temp loss in 60min! Also I sparge my batches, I mash in at my final volume, and then while I’m mashing, I heat an extra 3 gallons depending on grain losses to 170F in an ordinary kitchen stock pot. Once done mashing I pull the basket and place a large colander over the grain and slowly pour over enough sparge water through to make my pre-boil volume, I’ve gotten efficiencies of 80%+ this way and it’s really not much extra work. Also have something to set your basket on to drip or it will be all over your floor. Hope my review helps! Enjoy!
Reviewed by:  on 3/18/2016
4 Stars
Nice change for traditional BIAB
I've been doing BIAB for about 2 years before that I was extract and dabbled with a three tier system but saw BIAB as the perfect blend of the two techniques. So having said that here is my review: Pros: 1. Easier to handle than a bag. 2. Drains faster more stable 3. Not too heavy. I had about 14 lb of grain dry and it was easy to pick up after the mash. 4. Beersmith calculated efficiency 82% with no sparge. 5. $200 for the Polarware pot and screen is a good price. Cons: 1. No room for a weldless thermowell 2. One of the reviews I read said you could clear the spent grain out and use as a hop filter. However my first addition was 1 oz of pelletized hops and I think they created a layer on the bottom of the screen and caused pressure to build up and release around the edge of the filter and brew pot wall. This belching action caused hot wort to spray up like lava from a volcano. As a result I had to remove the screen and use hop bags for the rest of the boil. This may be alleviated by the use of whole leaf hops. But I haven't tried it yet. Overall a great product for the money!
Reviewed by:  on 3/1/2015

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