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10 Gallon Igloo Mash System

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All Grain Brewing System
Item Number: 99-0067
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10 Gallon Igloo Mash System 

The perfect all grain entry level system. This system will make great beer and not require a lot of space.

What is Included:

15.5 Gallon Boil Keggle with Ball-Valve Assembly
10 Gallon Complete Igloo Mash Tun with False Bottom Assembly
4' PVC 5/16''ID x 9/16''OD Thickwall Hose
Two 6.5 Gallon Fermenting Buckets w/ Lids and airlocks
Lab Thermometer
5L Plastic Measuring Pitcher
Tincture of Iodine (used to confirm conversion from starches to sugars)
14" AIH Burner
50' 1/2'' Copper Wort Chiller
24" Plastic Mash Paddle

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