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10 Gallon Primary Fermenter and Lid
10 Gallon Primary Fermenter and Lid

10 Gallon Primary Fermenter and Lid

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10 Gallon Primary Fermenter and Lid

This value-priced set is perfect for maceration.  The lid is easily removed and the fruit cap can easily be pushed down. Made from food-grade plastic, it's the perfect size for making fruit wines and fresh grape wines that vigorously ferment.  The bucket is 21" tall by 15.5" wide. The lid does not have an o-ring or a washer so the seal is not airtight and allows for aggressive fermentation without blowing your airlock off.

The actual volume is 12 gallons, but you will want at least 2 gallons of headspace.

Q: Just confirming this bucket does not have a handle?
Asked by: JP - 9/27/2019
A: these fermenters would not include handles

Q: What are the height and diameter wall thickness in inches?
Asked by: Thomas V Keller - 9/15/2019
A: The bucket is 21" tall by 15.5" wide. The bucket is about 1/4" thick.
Q: Does this item have a hole in the top for a bubbler? Item Number: 24-5120 It would need one. If it doesn't what do you suggest?
Asked by: Darrel Bostow - 3/31/2019
A: The lid would not include a grommet for an airlock, but one can be added if needed using part ID 24-5108
Q: Is the 10-gallon primary ferment container BPA free?
Asked by: Jen - 9/26/2017
A: The material for the fermenting is a food-grade HDPE that should be BPA Free
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Q: is either of these items an HDPE2? which one is FDA approved? Item Number:24-5120 and 85-5050
Asked by: AJ - 7/24/2017
A: Both of the products are Food Grade material and safe to use for food storage and fermentation purposes
Q: Does this fermenter measure 15.5 inches including the lip or is it 15.5 inside diameter?
Asked by: Rae - 7/3/2017
A: 15.5" is the outside lip dimensions and 13.5" inside diameter
Q: How thick is the plastic? It's for a dust collection system and needs to be able to not collapse under vacuum. 1/8 in. thick should be enough.
Asked by: Noah - 1/7/2017
A: These are currently ranging from 3/16-1/4" thick. We sell these for fermentation and cannot guarantee these will work for other purposes.
Q: How wide is the upper inside diameter?
Asked by: Doris - 8/28/2016
A: It is roughly 13 and 3/8''.
Q: is this container a clear plastic or more like a 5gal white paint bucket?
Asked by: Darlene - 6/26/2016
A: This product isn't clear but it also isn't like the 5-gallon white paint bucket. It is semitransparent. Thanks!
Q: Does the lid seal adequately to use an airlock?
Asked by: Patrick - 1/1/2016
A: This does not have that great of a seal, so its possible you will see little to no action in your airlock.
Q: Does the lid have a gasket?
Asked by: Stanley Campbell - 6/26/2014
A: The lid does not have a gasket.
Q: Does the lid have an O-ring to seal the fermentor?
Asked by: L W Somrak - 5/10/2014
A: There are no o-rings or gaskets on the lid.
Q: What are the dimensions of the fermentor? I need to see if it will fit into my chest freezer.
Asked by: L W Somrak - 5/10/2014
A: The dimensions of this bucket are 22" tall and 16" in diameter.
Q: Does the lid which comes with this have the pre-drilled hole and grommet for airlock?
Asked by: Al - 4/8/2014
A: This product does not have a pre-drilled hole or grommet for an airlock, though you can easily add one to this fermenter. The grommet is item # 24-5108.

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