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10 Gallon Thermobarrel Mash Tun

10 Gallon Thermobarrel Mash Tun

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10 Gallon Thermobarrel Mash Tun

A stainless steel, fully insulated mash tun with 10 gallon capacity. Thanks to its stainless steel construction, this mash tun is long lasting, easy to clean and will not leach any flavors. The foam insulation ensures that the Thermobarrel will retain heat as well if not better than standard cooler mash tuns. All port are 1/2" NPT external and reduced to 3/8" NPT internally and mash tun comes with ball valve, false bottom, and thermometer. 16" Diameter 20" High (with lid)

Mash Tun Comes With:
-False Bottom
-Ball Valve
-Recirculation Port
-Stainless Steel Construction
-Foam Insulation
4 Stars
Decent Mash Tun
This mash tun is of very high quality. After using it, I have not experienced any temperature loss after 60 minutes of mashing. The thermometer it came with was accurate and worked great. It held its temperature so well that you could barely notice any heat from touching the outside. For those looking to a stainless steel alternative to the cooler mash tuns, you can't go wrong with this product. It is also much cheaper than the SSBrewTech which is the direct competitor. The only downsides that I can think of are that the mash tun did not come with any instructions on how to assemble the false bottom and the valves to the barrel. It's not very difficult to figure out, but with all the pieces it came with, it would have helped the process go a little bit quicker. Also, the mash tun has a flat bottom. This is unlike the SSBrewTech mash tun that has a sloping bottom to allow most of the wort to empty out of the mash tun. Because of this, you'll experience a loss of some wort (I believe mine was about 1 quart). However, if you plan accordingly, this isn't too much of a problem. I've heard some people complain about the Chapman Thermobarrel that the steel used is only 201 Stainless Steel instead of the higher quality 304. However, I wouldn't worry about those complaints. The product is very heavy duty and is of high quality.
Reviewed by:  on 6/30/2017

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