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10 Gallon Thermobarrel Mash Tun

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Insulated Mash Tun
Item Number: 29-1521-1
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10 Gallon Thermobarrel Mash Tun

A stainless steel, fully insulated mash tun with 10 gallon capacity. Thanks to its stainless steel construction, this mash tun is long lasting, easy to clean and will not leach any flavors. The foam insulation ensures that the Thermobarrel will retain heat as well if not better than standard cooler mash tuns. All port are 1/2" NPT external and reduced to 3/8" NPT internally and mash tun comes with ball valve, false bottom, and thermometer. 16" Diameter 20" High (with lid)

Mash Tun Comes With:
-False Bottom
-Ball Valve
-Recirculation Port
-Stainless Steel Construction
-Foam Insulation

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