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10" Stainless Steel Flat False Bottom for keg kettles

10" Stainless Steel Flat False Bottom for keg kettles

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Stainless Steel Dip Tube for Kettle [+$15.99]
Pick Up Tube Collar [+$3.99]
1/2 Compression x 1/2 Male NPT Stainless Steel [+$14.99]
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Our 10" Stainless Steel perforated flat false bottom is designed for use in a keg kettle. It rests in the bottom of the kettle, utilizing the domed bottom of the keg. An optional 1/2" Stainless Steel pick-up tube connects the false bottom to a compression fitting which connects to the bulk head of your kettle.

This design is recommended in a boil kettle,  not a mash tun.
If you are not plumbing this yourself, please add the additional hardware.

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