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12" Long Stem Dial Thermometer

12" Long Stem Dial Thermometer

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Long Stem Dial Thermometer

Dial face with easy to read numbers.  This sturdy 1/8" Diameter and 12" long probe makes it easy to take temperature reading.  Individually boxed, range 0-220 F.

3 Stars
OK for price
Accurate and I do not find the calibration changing with usage (head does not spin easily for me). However, the metal cover does not seal the glass to the housing so steam/water gets inside the dial. It is easy to evaporate out but I worry about deposition of salts or sugar within the dial so I only use it for short times to avoid getting fluid inside.
Reviewed by:  on 2/6/2017
5 Stars
Works good
Brewed 4 beers without needing to calibrate. Have a laboratory glass guages to check accuracy.
Reviewed by:  on 12/3/2016
4 Stars
Arrived Calibrated
Functional and it arrived well calibrated. A nice addition to the All-Grain Brew Kit I ordered.
Reviewed by:  on 5/24/2016
5 Stars
Works great replaced the cheap floating thermometer. Great tool works perfect.
Reviewed by:  on 10/8/2015
5 Stars
Long enough to reach!
This works great for mash temps in the 10 gallon cooler/mash tun. Will read with 4 gallons of water in tun. Can't beat the price, thanks!
Reviewed by:  on 1/20/2015
4 Stars
It's OK, but goes out of calibration easily
I purchased this for monitoring temps in a 10 gallon Igloo cooler mash tun (drilled a hole in the center of the cooler lid). The probe is long enough to reach into the mash nicely. The dial rotates on the stem for calibration. While there is resistance, care must be taken since it can easily go out of calibration. I have to check calibration before each use. It would be nice if the dial was larger and had an adjustment screw like other thermometers do. I am still glad I purchased it though.
Reviewed by:  on 1/17/2015
4 Stars
Does what it was bought for
I had three goals with buying a thermometer for my beginning homebrew set: 1. stem long enough to measure in my 5-gallon stockpot; 2. a manual calibration option; 3. moderate accuracy. I've gotten all three. In the few tests I've done with the instrument, it's accurate to within a few degrees F along the entire temperature range, with greater error at the bottom and top as expected. My clamp is tight and holds it suspended in liquid, and the calibration nut has not loosened yet. Lowered one star because it does knock out of calibration after a few uses, but that's what the manual calibration is for!
Reviewed by:  on 5/16/2014
3 Stars
It's Okay
This does the job - but you can't just place it and walk away ... I was after the length when I bought it - and based on that feature, it is nice. It is nice if you're using a tall/large pot. My only issue is that the clasp that goes on the side of the pot to hold it in place doesn't hold it in place exactly where you want it - often the thermometer stem will fall down straight and against the side wall of the pot - which heats much hotter than the liquid you're trying to measure the temperature of - so you have to finagle it a little so that the tip stays in the liquid and not against the hot metal edge.
Reviewed by:  on 4/16/2014
5 Stars
Long Thermometer
Thank you for sending the thermometer. We have been looking for a long thermometer for brewing. This is so nice. No hot hands during the boiling process. We will look to your company for beer supplies in the future. Thanks again.
Reviewed by:  on 2/28/2014
2 Stars
Better options available
The head of this particular thermometer spins endlessly with no way to tighten it down. AIH was helpful when I called in and I was shocked to learn that this was normal. While this makes for an easy calibration every time it also means that if you so much as nudge your thermometer during your brew you will lose your calibration. I found a much better option at my LHBS.
Reviewed by:  on 2/11/2014

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