1. 13.2 Gallon Pot Stil w/Tube and Shell Condensor
13.2 Gallon Pot Stil w/Tube and Shell Condensor
Floor Model 1

13.2 Gallon Pot Stil w/Tube and Shell Condensor

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13.2 Gallon Pot Still with Tube & Shell Condenser

Floor Model - ON SALE

Please Note: Depending on your location, alcohol distillation may be illegal or require special licensing.

This converted keggle-turned-pot still makes a great addition (or start) for any home distiller! This still has a whopping 13.2-gallon capacity allowing you to distill larger batches. The condenser is constructed of hand-welded copper. Tube and shell condensers use less water and condense vapors quicker. 
The keggle has a 5'' tri-clamp ferrule welded to the top to give you plenty of room for cleaning the inside, then reduced down to attach the condenser with a 2'' tri-clamp ferrule. The inlet and outlet water supply come with 1/2" MPT fittings.
This Pot still includes three thermometers, All tri-clamp fittings needed to reduce down to a 2" tri-clamp on the Condensor, and a ball valve for easy dumping!