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1.5' Tri-Clover By 1' NPS Multi-Piece Element Adapter

1.5" Tri-Clover By 1" NPS Multi-Piece Element Adapter

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Tri-Clamp Multi-Piece Heating Element Adaptor
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1.5" Tri-Clover By 1" NPS Multi-Piece Element Adapter.

The back of the Element Adaptor, where the wiring goes is sealed with a 2" Tri-Clamp Cap with a 1" Cut Out for electric cables to pass through. (see below for list of parts included)
The 2" extension tube has 2 small drain holes drilled in to keep wires dry.
The housing body is 2" wide and is compatible with the ripple element.
Warning: Electric wires should be correctly connected by a qualified electrician. Use above fittings at your own risk .

This Multi-Piece Tri-Clamp Element Adaptor comprises of 5 parts:

-1 x 1" NPS Thread with 1.5 TC and 2" TC Ends
-1 x 2" Tri-Clamp Extension tube that is 3" Long
-2 x 2" Tri-Clamp
-2 x 2" Tri-Clamp Gasket
-1 x 2" Tri-Clamp Cap with 1" Cut Out.

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