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15.5 Gal KEGlove Ice Blanket
ice blanket only (sleeve is OPTIONAL)

15.5 Gal KEGlove Ice Blanket

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15.5 Gal KEGlove Ice Blanket

The KEGlove Ice Blanket has been tested to maintains beverage temperature over an 8-hour period of time, with virtually no change in temperature after 3 hours.  The KEGlove reduces or eliminates the need for expensive coil boxes or large plastic tubs filled with ice.

The Ice Blanket's liquid-filled pouches allow for an even distribution of cold, create a thermal barrier to keep the cold in and make your kegged beverage less susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

Rotating a frozen Ice Blanket every 3 - 4 hours will maintain beverage temperature indefinitely.  Freezes at 23 Degrees Fahrenheit.  Thaws above 41 Degrees Fahrenheit.  Collapsed Size: 6"W x 17"L x 3"H.

15.5 Gal Keglove Insulated Sleeve Sold Separately (see options)

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