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15.5 Gal KEGlove Insulated Sleeve
Includes 15.5 gal sleeve only

15.5 Gal KEGlove Insulated Sleeve

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15.5 Gal Keglove Insulated Sleeve

Keep your keg cold with the durable KEGLOVE ("Keg Glove") Keg Insulator.  The unique neoprene insulating system has an integrated, reusable (OPTIONAL) Ice Blanket that fits perfectly over your keg, helping to protect your beverage keg and maintain temperature for up to 24 hours.  For use with half barrel kegs.

No need for bagged ice!  Just remove the (OPTIONAL) Ice Blanket from the freezer and slide it into the KEGLOVE to serve cold draft beer indoors or out for up to 24-hours.

The KEGLOVE is American Made, using only the highest quality materials and workmanship to ensure durability and long life.

The KEGLOVE has a simple, open-ended sleeve design making it a great choice to help protect and keep your favorite kegged beverage cold.  The KEGLOVE's insulating sheet of synthetic rubber is made of 1/4" thick Neoprene, a material that prevents temperature escape and condensation build-up.  

Insert the custom reusable (OPTIONAL) ice blanket between the keg and the KEGLOVE to prolong the cooling process.

The KEGLOVE weighs between approximately 2.5 pounds when dry and can be layed flat or rolled for storage.

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