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15.5 Gallon All Grain Brewing System
15.5 Gallon All Grain Brewing System

15.5 Gallon All Grain Brewing System

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15.5 Gallon All Grain Brewing System

All new 15.5 gallon brewing system comes complete and can easily brew 5, 6, 10 and 12 gallon batches. This system will come mostly assembled for shipping purposes with very little assembly required. This brewing system is all stainless steel except for the garden hose pump connections that are lead free brass because these aren't available in stainless steel. The mash tun will hold approximately 35 pounds of grains.

System Includes:
1-New Stainless Steel 15.5 Gallon 2 Weld Inline Mash Kettle
1-New Stainless Steel 15.5 Gallon 2 Weld Inline Boil Kettle
1-New Stainless Steel 15.5 Gallon 2 Weld Inline HLT Kettle
1-Stainless Steel False Bottom w/Supports for the Mash Tun
1-Stainless Steel 10" Boil Kettle Screen
1-16" 3 Burner System w/Regulator and Hoses
1-Stainless Steel Inline Head Chugger Pump w/Brass Fittings
1-Stainless Steel Braided Hose
1-12" Stem Dial Thermometer
1-2" Spring Hose Clamp
1-6" Thermometer for Mash Tun
1-Kero Wooden Mash Paddle
1-50' 1/2 Copper Chiller w/Garden Hose Fittings
1-10' Chiller Discharge Hose w/Garden Hose Fitting
2-2" Thermometers Mash/Boil Kettles
3-Stainless Steel Ball Valve Assemblies
3-Stainless Steel Pick up Tube Assemblies

This system was designed not only to be an economic approach to be a versatile brewing system, but also to be a very practical hands on brewing system. This system will allow you do multiple step mashes, decoction mashes as well as infusion mashes, perform fly sparging or batch sparging. In other words, this system is for the brewer that wants to be hands on involved with their brew from start to finish.

Optional Extra Pump
This system works great on it's own with one pump recurculating slowly heating the wort during the mashing process.The sparging process involves gentley pouring hot sparge water over the top of the mash with a small pitcher. Some brewers like an extra pump to help in the sparging process by slowly pumping the hot sparge water over the top of the mash. If you would like to add an additional pump please see the options.

1- SS Inline Chugger Pump
1- 1/2" FPT x Female Garden Hose fitting (inlet)
1-1/2" FPT x Male Garden Hose Fitting (outlet)
1- SS Braided Hose w/Garden Hose Ends

Optional Click and Flame Lighter
Need something to light your new brewing system with? Don't burn your fingers, this refillable butane lighter is perfect for lighting propane burners. The long-reach barrel keeps your hands away from the flame and has a lever to adjust the flame, a large fuel capacity, and a fuel-level viewing window. Please see options!


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