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2 Keg Gas Line Assembly (ball or pin lock)
shown with ball lock disconnects

2 Keg Gas Line Assembly (ball or pin lock)

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Gas line assembly for two kegs

This gas line set up assumes you keep the CO2 Tank outside of your kegerator and run the line inside to a "T" connector:


-6 feet of gas line to connect the regulator to a "T" connector

-stainless steel adjustable clamp (to attach gas line to regulator barb)

-6 feet of gas line & MFL swivel nut for the first keg (long so you can bring the keg outside of the fridge to shake/force carbonate)

-3 feet of gas line and MFL swivel nut for the second keg

-Choose your MFL disconnects - ball or pin lock

Comes assembled - just attach the disconnects to the swivel nuts

This is the same ball lock gas line assembly that comes with our regular two keg systems

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