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25' 1/2" Wort Chiller w/Garden Hose Fittings

25' 1/2" Wort Chiller w/Garden Hose Fittings

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ALL NEW! 25' 1/2" Wort Chiller w/Garden Hose Fittings

25' 1/2'' chillers are perfect for cooling 5 gallons of wort in minutes. No need to wait hours to pitch your yeast and tempt fate. Minimize bacterial infections of your wort and start fermenting ASAP. A wort chiller in combination with a yeast starter will make any average brewer a great brewer faster than you can chill 5 gallons of wort;)
Chillers are just coils of copper or stainless steel tubing. 25' of length is generally fine for five gallon batches while 50' chillers are better for ten gallon batches. Both are approximately 10" diameter.
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This is not a good item. You are required to attach hoses at a point that will be inside your kettle, providing an opportunity for leaks and sanitation problems. The hose connections are nearly centered over the coils, making it difficult to stir the wort while cooling. Also, the hose connections are only 10 inches above the bottom of the chiller coil (about the 8 gallon mark in my 15 gallon kettle). They would be submerged in a large batch.
Reviewed by:  on 2/18/2017

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