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25' 3/8'' Economy Copper Wort Chiller
No Compression Fittings- Clamped to Copper

25' 3/8'' Economy Copper Wort Chiller

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25' Economy Wort Chiller
25' 3/8'' chillers are perfect for cooling 5 gallons of wort in minutes. No need to wait hours to pitch your yeast and tempt fate. Minimize bacterial infections of your wort and start fermenting ASAP. A wort chiller in combination with a yeast starter will make any average brewer a great brewer faster than you can chill 5 gallons of wort;)

What makes one chiller "Economy" and another "High Quality"?

Chillers are just coils of copper or stainless steel tubing. 25' of length is generally fine for five gallon batches while 50' chillers are better for ten gallon batches. Both are approximately 10" diameter.

AIH is not an admirer of the "Economy" chillers on the market. The hose is generally just clamped directly to the copper cutting corners (and cost) We still feel this is not the safest of options but will follow suit to supply a competitive option for our loyal customers.

Higher end chillers will supply a compression fitting or soldered fitting to the copper. These fittings will then attach a hose fitting or barb for a safe rigid place to clamp a hose. We still prefer this method over our economy options. We are not trying to talk you out of this chiller, we simply want you to be completely educated on what you are purchasing.

Where do we refuse to cut corners?
While cutting cost, some suppliers have found it acceptable to use thin wall tubing on their wort chillers. We feel this is a hazardous decision and feel thick wall tubing should be mandatory on all chillers.

All AIH made chillers will have thick wall tubing to circumvent any chance of ruptured lines

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