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3 Burner System (18" Propane Burners - 220,000 BTU)

3 Burner System (18" Propane Burners - 220,000 BTU)

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3 burners, 1 propane tank.

Imagine the power of our 18" burner multiplied by 3! This system ties 3 of our burners together with one regulator. Each burner has an independent LP hose and needle valve with shut-off.

Don't worry about staying at home to brew, the 3 independent burner stands make this system ideally suited to portability. 

Level the playing field for your all grain brew session, add some March Pumps!

Read the description of our burner stands:

"We did it. All of our suppliers told us we were nuts. For years, the BTU's on outdoor burners have been going down. What with deep-fried turkey burn the deck down liquid fire running down the drive-way, you can't blame our wholesalers for wanting to lower their insurance premiums and with that, BTUs.
Customer comments and message board woes have not escaped our attention, Homebrewers want more. Nobody would do it for us, so we did it ourselves.
We've designed a stand and assembled a burner with a 30 psi regulator, a brass control valve and 36" of black rubber LP Hose. (Hose type may vary based on availability) These burners will top out at a whopping 220,000 BTUs, just like the days when deep frying a turkey(and homebrewing) was deemed insane!
With that being said, by purchasing this burner you assume all responsibilities for not setting you, your friend, your house, your friend's house... your friend's cat, on fire. You should also be completely prepared and expect to singe arm (or eyebrow) hair.
These burners are made for homebrewing. They are 18" square across the top for a large stock pot. They are 11" tall. Perfect for full boils and all-grain brewing.

Propane Troubleshooting:

If you are not getting the best flame possible out of your propane burner, you may have triggered a safety valve in the propane regulator body. This occurs when the gas flow through the regulator is too great. You will need to disconnect the regulator from your propane tank to release the safety valve. While connecting your regulator to your propane tank, it is very important that the propane tank and all needle valves are completely closed. Once the regulator is correctly connected to your closed tank, open the propane tank slowly to allow gas to flow into the regulator. You can now open the needle valve enough to ignite your burner. Once the burner is lit you can slowly open the needle valve until you reach the desired flame intensity.

"You guys were great! I got exactly what I ordered and so far I've had no problems with my burner system. Your delivery date was spot on. It was a smooth purchase. Thank you again." - Kyle B.
5 Stars
Power....yes please!
If you're looking for power look no further. This setup will bring a keggle to a rolling boil in no time! Also, the quality is very nice and the price is by far right. I would recommend this setup to anyone ready to upgrade but don't want to spend over $1k on 3 burners.
Reviewed by:  on 6/30/2016
5 Stars
Worth Every Cent
I have been brewing all grain for five years. Like most serious brewers I made the natural progression: syrup kit, mini mash and finally all-grain. My sizes have also increased each year and I continue to brew more and more as this hobby turns into craft and lifestyle. I am up to 20 gallon batch sizes and do not have time to build my own system. One of the last steps for me was moving from a two-tier, cooler mash tun to a stainless three-tier setup with pumps doing all the work. Finding this burner system was the last piece of the puzzle. After much research to find a 3 burner system that wasn't thousands of dollars to have made and after realizing that I couldn't weld the quality that I wanted, I came across the 18", 3 burner system, item 99-2030. The price is totally reasonable for three quality welded stands that hold up my 28 gallons of wort. I don't even get close to full gas while boiling and my times have sped up considerably. Although the stock burner sent with the system is small, the flame is powerful and spreads out across the bottom of the kettle, reaching every side. The burners are also quiet, even running all three simultaneously. There is also a sense of professionalism, since I do multiple 20 gallons batches in one session, as one batch is boiling the next is mashing and one really gets the sense of what it would be like to be brewing on a real system; because you are. No more worrying about over or undershooting mash temps with direct fire, and filling up your mash vessel to the top will ensure the temps hold. The three-way valve into one burner is also awesome, as I didn't have to change my propane setup. The gas hose is also long, so placement of the propane is flexible and the stands can be moved around and put in any formation you want. Working with pumps is also a breeze, so don't let that aspect of it stop you from moving to this system. If you are serious about making large amounts of beer regularly, then you need to start thinking about direct fire mashing and moving large amounts of liquid with pumps. Work smarter not harder. Setup and breakdown is easy. You can just stack them on top of each other and store in a corner when not in use. I love the system and am so glad I made the purchase.
Reviewed by:  on 2/8/2016

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