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3 Gallon Ball Lock Keg System w/ Faucets and Shanks to Build a Kegerator, 2 New AIH Kegs #7

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Brand New 3 Gallon Ball Lock Kegging System

We are proud to offer a new Ball Lock kegging system with our new corny kegs. These kegs are Cornelius style, 17" tall and 8-1/2" diameter.

This Homebrew Kegging System Includes:

- TapRite T-Handle Double Body Gauge Regulator

- Two New AIH 3 gallon ball lock corny kegs (made in China)

- Double Gas line assembly with MFL fittings, Fifteen (15) feet of Thick Wall Gas Line (details below)

- Pressure Relief Valves

- Two 4 1/8" Faucet Shank Assemblies with MFL disconnects

- Faucet wrench

This gas line set up assumes you keep the Co2 Tank outside of your kegerator and run the line inside to a "T" connector:

-6 feet of line to connect the regulator to a "T" connector

-6 feet of line & gas disconnect for the first keg (long so you can bring the keg outside of the fridge to shake/force carbonate)

-3 feet of line and gas disconnect for the second keg

Measure your fridge wall to ensure a 4-1/8" shank will do the job, it will span 2-1/2". We recommend installing the shank using a 7/8" hole saw.

This system should be run at 10 PSI.

The gauge guard is a great way to protect your regulator and highly recommended here at AIH, please see our options!

Our CO2 tanks speak for themselves. If you can rent one locally, go for it. If not...we have some darn good prices!

Full Set of instructions is now available online to save paper:
Homebrew Kegging System Ball Lock(PDF)

If you are unhappy with your new AIH 3 Gallon corny Kegs for any reason, we will gladly take them back. The purchaser will be responsible for return shipping charges.

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