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400 Micron Hop Filter with Lid & Chain

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400 Micron Hop Filter with Lid and Chain

Dry hopping made easy! This lidded, 400 micron stainless steel mesh cylinder is designed to filter dry hops in a keg, though it can be used as a boil filter as well. The filter holds 2 ounces of whole leaf hops and can hold even more pellet hops. The tight stainless steel mesh holds the hop material in place but allows the hop oils to infuse into your beer, allowing plenty of opportunity to experiment with hop flavors. It is recommended to add the Screw-On Hop Filter after force carbonation has been completed. The filter lid includes a sturdy chain and clip, allowing you to easily submerge your filter but still keeping it accessible for quick, easy retrieval. 

-Diameter: 2.75"
-Height: 11.5"

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