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5 Gallon Low Profile Keg, Ball Lock (Used)

5 Gallon Low Profile Keg, Ball Lock (Used)

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keg, 5 gallon, 5 gal


Used & Pressure Tested - Ball Lock Keg - With Pressure Relief Valve

We are throwing in a set of O-rings with every purchase of this keg.

22-23" tall and 9.5" diameter.

JUST AN FYI: While we do not convert pin lock to ball lock kegs, many of the kegs in this height are starting to show up as converted pin locks.

Pressure tested 5 gallon, stainless steel, cornelius style tank. These tanks are guaranteed to hold pressure. Tanks will show normal wear and tear. May have stickers on kegs. May also have syrup residue in tanks as we only dump them.
Kegs include the o-rings and poppets that were installed when we received the tanks. We will often change an o-ring or poppet to get the tank to hold pressure. If you would like to have new o-rings or poppets, the options above allow you to add these. We do not change them but simply add them to the order.

We know some homebrewers are more picky than others, so please keep in mind that these are USED kegs. Some of these kegs are probably 30 years old. Do not expect new kegs. If you are looking for new kegs, please check out our new kegs. We try and have quality kegs available at all times. With this said, they are going to show normal wear and tear. We try not to purchase from Pepsi or Coke to avoid heavily used kegs. We are not implying that our kegs are not quality...we just want to avoid any misunderstandings.

If you are unhappy with your used 5 Gallon Low Profile Cornelius Kegs for any reason, we will gladly take them back. The purchaser will be responsible for return shipping charges.
5 Stars
Great buy!
First keg for me, it was in very good condition, replaced gaskets and worked great!
Reviewed by:  on 3/7/2017
5 Stars
Follow Up To My Previous Question
Aaron did not let me down. While a straight answer couldn't be given whether they vary in height (my previous question being whether 22-23" meant 22.2" clearance would work) what was shipped to me came in at 22" even. They definitely needed a thorough clean and a replacement of...everything, lid included (mine was warped and three different o-rings failed to seat). That said, for what I paid I'm not at all upset how much reconditioning was needed as I would have done all of it anyway.
Reviewed by:  on 12/29/2016
4 Stars
Excellent Value
My keg did need a little cleaning. I disassembled the fittings, cleaned & sanitized everything and reassembled. Looks good, works like it should. Will be looking to add more in the future. Thanks.
Reviewed by:  on 12/2/2016
5 Stars
Once cleaned it's like new
I was hesitant buying a used keg, and upon opening the box I saw a dirty, sticky keg although dentless and no major scratches. I disassembled it, removed stickers and tape and went to cleaning. Rinsed with hot water, goo gone for the sticker residue and barkeepers friend inside and out have made my keg look shiny and new. Next up, putting on the new o-rings that came with it, and filling it up with some homebrew. I'll be back for another one someday, hopefully it's in as good shape as this one.
Reviewed by:  on 11/16/2016
5 Stars
Can't beat the price
I received mine pressurized and in great condition. The outside looks rough but the inside looked great. If you can catch these on sale, it's even a greater deal. I can't wait to finally fill these with beer.
Reviewed by:  on 11/14/2016
5 Stars
Issue Free Kegs
The kegs arrived in better shape than expected and working great.
Reviewed by:  on 10/31/2016
5 Stars
Perfect for Kegerator
This low profile keg fits nicely in my kegerator. It was shipped promptly and arrived undamaged. The keg was still holding pressure and was pretty clean inside when it arrived. The outside was a bit scuffed and had a bunch of old tape stuck to it. A bit of scraping and solvent got it cleaned up pretty nicely. A great deal considering my local homebrew store had new ones for $150.
Reviewed by:  on 10/8/2016
5 Stars
Can't beat the price!!
I got this on sale for $39, the outside is a little dirty but once I clean it up it should work nicely. If I ever need another keg I would definitely buy this again.
Reviewed by:  on 9/14/2016
5 Stars
Increase your Keezer capacity
I ordered two low profile kegs and they both arrived holding pressure, no stickers, no dents, really nice shape. What I really like about these low profile units... to put a fifth keg in my keezer it would have to go on the "hump". And to do that with a standard keg I was looking at making my collar taller, which would also make accessing the interior harder These low profile kegs are the perfect solution. I was able to add that fifth tap.
Reviewed by:  on 8/27/2016
5 Stars
Clean and holding pressure. Mine were scuffed but dent free. Great buy and Fast shipping! Extremely happy with this purchase.
Reviewed by:  on 8/23/2016

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