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5 Gallon Nitro Coffee Keg System with Faucet Adapter

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5 Gallon Coffee Keg System with Faucet Adapter

A great system to start pouring cold brew coffee from a keg! This system connects a faucet directly to your keg, no need for expensive towers or completed wall shanks. The included nitrogen regulator and tank allows you to pour your coffee with a rich, creamy head through the stout restrictor faucet.

This Coffee Kegging System Includes:

- TapRite Nitrogen Regulator

- Steel Nitrogen Tank

- Stout Restrictor Faucet 

- Your Choice of Ball Lock Keg!

- 5' Gas Line Assembly with MFL Fitting

- Faucet Adapter Assembly and Faucet Wrench

Full Set of instructions is now available online to save paper:
Homebrew Kegging System Ball Lock(PDF)

*Please Note: We cannot ship filled nitrogen tanks. Tank will need to be filled for proper use.

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